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And of course there's a story - but it's late and we just got back. But she reminds of what a baby Ava would have looked like, and she needed a home. People really do give up baby puppies because they're baby puppies. She still has her puppy teeth. Of course, it's more complicated than that. There were small dogs in the house who weren't adjusting well to having a big, floppy, shark toothed baby doodle invading. But so far she's so sweet, and she hasn't even played baby shark with me yet. And the girls seem to think the more the merrier.

I know I have more words, but I have no idea what they are right now. I just couldn't wait to share a picture of Mila Rose (name still unconfirmed) 

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Welcome home Mila Rose, you are a cutie!

Oh what an adorable baby! Lucky you and lucky her for getting you!

Not to brag, but I think I would like life as one of my dogs. I think she will be happy. Now I have to figure out all the puppy things again. When the perfect time is to spay. I'm terrified of that. Training her correctly. All the things to "do it right."

Congratulations! She's adorable and she did get very lucky! 

Thanks, friend. I think she and I are both pretty lucky. She's all snuggled in and sleeping next to me. I love it.

Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

Thank you! She's adorable, and I can't wait to see how she grows. She's also being so good. Almost too good. I think she's on her best behavior today. She even went to see grandma and grandpa and they commented on how nice she was. I'm hoping to raise her to be the perfect puppy. Funny, I know. I'm debating to hire the trainer to come to the house again, but I think I know most of his tricks. He will tell me to begin by hand feeding her. And I read his book about loose lead walking. It still might be beneficial to have him out.

Just saw this. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  She is adorable and going to get more so as she grows!  On another post, I asked if you had named her and now I see that you have.  Great minds and all that stuff because I was going to suggest Rosie as a name for her. 

The name mentioned in this post is not yet set in stone. :)
Discussions are under way; stay tuned. 

Yes, like Karen says - I was calling for Mila in the yard and it didn't really flow. Originally she was a Zoe, and my only objection to that is that I didn't give her that name. But that still may be the name. I also like Cricket. And the sound it makes gets her attention. The problem there is that I always give my dogs people names so it really goes against the trend. The other thing is that there's not a really good way to shorten it. I'm not calling for Crick. I could call her CC for short, but I'm not sure I love it. I don't know. I'm open to suggestion. I don't usually have this much trouble naming but Ava was such a perfect name that I'm having trouble topping it! 

She really is adorable. I think she might look like baby Ava would have looked. I know she's not Ava. But I thought Ava was the prettiest girl in the whole world. She was also so much easier to groom than the other two. It would be so helpful if I could take care of her hair myself.

If not Ava - how about Evie?  My granddaughter's name is Evie - she'd be honored to have a dog named after her.  She is also a lively 'pill' of a kid, very loving, very busy, very smart - does that sound like your puppy? :-}  I really like Rosie for her though.  That just popped into my head when I first saw her photo.  Other suggestions I have:  Poppy, Fiona (Fi), Rita, Maj, Dina,

Very pretty little girl!  You are going to have your hands full for awhile!!



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