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And of course there's a story - but it's late and we just got back. But she reminds of what a baby Ava would have looked like, and she needed a home. People really do give up baby puppies because they're baby puppies. She still has her puppy teeth. Of course, it's more complicated than that. There were small dogs in the house who weren't adjusting well to having a big, floppy, shark toothed baby doodle invading. But so far she's so sweet, and she hasn't even played baby shark with me yet. And the girls seem to think the more the merrier.

I know I have more words, but I have no idea what they are right now. I just couldn't wait to share a picture of Mila Rose (name still unconfirmed) 

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The vending machine is probably my best analogy though. Gambling has never done anything for me, but chocolate??? All of my pleasure receptors light up like a Christmas tree. 

I like Willow! Ending a name with an A or O sound is considered the best choice for training purposes by some people. 

And it has two syllables, and doesn't sound like anything else I say, and it reminds me of woodland fairies. 

Someone at work pointed out that having to "y" names might be a little cutesy. Katie, Maggie, Poppy. And I didn't want two "M" names. It was a hard decision! There are so many good names and suggestions. At one point I was looking at my post-it and wondering how many middle names she could have!

Well, she can have an infinite number of nicknames, lol. 

Willow is a great name for such an adorable sweetheart!

Willow is a wonderful name and suits her looks perfectly. 

Another vote for Willow!  But whatever you choose, she is so adorable!  When we choose pet names, we choose a few we like, and then our pets sort of “tell” us which name is theirs.  Just a thought. You will know the right one!



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