I was browsing through the ad listings on KSL and saw that a Goldendoodle puppy was listed for free. The man said he had bred a litter, but one of the pups has seizures so he can't sell him. Apparently he should grow out of these seizures, but nobody was interested in him anyways. He said he would have to put him in a shelter or kennel somewhere because they are leaving town on Dec. 26th. I was a little bit afraid that someone would see "FREE" and jump right into it before they realized how much responsibility a puppy, especially one with seizures was. I contacted him and told him about the DRC, and told him I would pick him up on the 26th until he could be taken to the Doodle Rescue collective. He sounded relieved and quickly agreed, so I gave him my information...So, what is the proper course of action now? I looked on the Doodle Rescue Collective site and didn't find a number to call or anything... The problem is that I work and live in an apartment, and I can't really keep him for an extended amount of time, although I am willing to transport anywhere to get him to a representative. Is there someone I can contact that I could possibly transport him to? I hope I didn't overstep my bounds... but I was truly worried he wouldn't go to a home that was prepared for the responsibility... help?

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  • Camilla, I sent an email to the DRC directors. Sit tight.
    • Hi Karen .... I just sent one to Adrianne on personal e-mail and came back to post that I did on here and saw your message. Guess 2 is better than none! Merry Christmas.
  • Bless you. I see red when I hear of situations like that, especially after having a very abused lab rescue and all the problems inherent with that situation. You gave this dog the gift of life, I am sure. I don't have an answer to your question, I'm new to the site. But I am confident that your SOS will be heard and by the end of the weekend, you will have an answer. Of COURSE the guy is leaving town!!!

    Have a blessed holiday Camilla and Darwin.
  • Update: We will be picking him up on the 26th and keep him until we can find a foster home... thank you to everyone that helped... your all so great!
  • That's so great of you to save him. With you pulling him and the DRC involved, he's on his way to finding his perfect forever home. And it doesn't sound like he'll have to spend any time in a shelter, which is great!

      • No, I can't. That's what kills me about all of the doodles that need to be rescued. I just can't imagine people giving these dogs up, even they do get one with some issues. Jacquie just posted one that says the family didn't have time for him anymore. Then in the next sentence, it says he's great with kids and was best buds with the kids in his family. How do you give up your kids' "best bud"?
        • That is what worried me so much. It is easy to say that you will take a free doodle, and tell yourself you can take care of the health problems. I worry that once someone brought him home and realized the extent of the work involved... they would decide they can't handle it. Having your puppy go through seizures is stressful, and I can see someone seeing his cute face and deciding they can handle it when they really can't. I'm so glad he won't be ending up in a shelter or even to the highest (and probably uneducated) bidder.
          • Thank you for rescueing this beautiful puppy. I am sure that once blood work is done, his seizures will be able to be managed. I do realize that you will only be keeping him for a short time until DRC can arrange a foster home.

            I don't know if you have any experience with dogs having seizures, So, just a few quick tips for managing the seizures. Have a large ice pack in the freezer. If he has a seizure but the ice pack on his back covering the hind quarter. This can reduce the length and severity of the seizure. Also after any seizure give him some regular plain vanilla ice cream - blood sugar can drop from the seizure.

            If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Also there is alot of information on seizure in the "Special Needs" group.

            (PS - One of our dogs, Mariner, does have a seizure disorder.)
            • Thanks so much for that information! I think we will only have a few days with him, but I will definitely go out and get some vanilla ice cream and a big bag of frozen peas...
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