In the past few days, with Moxie's young energy in the house, I'm finding myself calling Boca by the name of "Cass."  Cass was our border collie and passed about 9-10 years ago.  I met my husband when Cass was 9 or 10 - which is Boca's age.  Somehow in light of the youngness of Moxie, I must be starting to think Boca seems "old" and "Cass-like."  But it feels so bizarre every single time I call her Boca the wrong name!  

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  • I'm sure there is some deep psychological reason why this is happening, but I have no clue what it could be. It's very interesting, though.

    • I think she just suddenly seems older and more physically stiff in juxtoposition to Moxie.  Because I honestly was still thinking of Boca as pretty young and exuberant UNTIL a real puppy showed up.

  • DH and I have been known to call Riley by some of Luna's nicknames sometimes.  She only passed a year and a half ago though.  The ones that pop up often make absolutely no sense for Riley like "Tiny" (she is pushing 80 pounds lol) and "Bubbles" (Luna used to blow bubbles in mud puddles as a puppy).  

    Who knows why the old names pop up, I guess our brains probably just associate the names with certain "dog" qualities regardless of which dog we have with us right now.

  • I call my grandson's by each other's names.  :-}

    • My mom used to call me all three of my brothers' names before she got to mine when we were kids...she'd start all 3 names then finally blurt out mine.

      "Je...Chr...Ste...JULIE!" lol.  I guess that's what I get for being the youngest, her brain had already decided those 3 were her kids' names.

      • My father had three sisters and three daughters (poor man!). I was the oldest of his daughters, and he would sometimes start to call me by his oldest sister Claire's name and then change it in mid-speak, so I ended up getting called "Claren" a lot! 

      • My mom does that all the time.  I've mixed up dog and kid names myself...haha!  But this is so different.  I haven't called "Cass" in years!  I don't think I've accidentally called Moxie by Rosco's name.  SO so weird to me about calling Boca... Cass.

  • Maybe instead of pregnancy brain it is Foster Brain!   Every now and then I slip up and call AnnaBelle Sophie!

  • Well, you now have a shorter, flatter coated black dog and a big fluffy puppy in the house. 
    Wasn't that the scenario when you got Rosco? 
    Although now that I think about it, I think you had Thule before Rosco? In which case, this would all make more sense if you were calling Boca "Thule". 


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