I have a Yorkie Poo who looks like a doodle. If we get his ear hair plucked, he gets infections. If we do not, he SOMETIMES gets infections. Our vet (and some grommers) will not  pluck the ear hair as she does not recommend it.  She says it will cause infection if there is bacteria present. Well, this happened to our angel boy. He now has a horrible smell (like vomit beard) coming from his ears with black/brown discharge and some coffee ground shedding. The ear is blood red but there is no hair in there hardly at all (due to the recent plucking). Our boy is pitiful. Can you put cleaner in the ears with the hair in it?  Can you trim it with scissors and then clean it?  I am looking for any way to stop plucking the hair out of his ears as it causes infection every time.  Thank you for any input.  Pic of my baby for attention and to see his hair.10778600263?profile=RESIZE_710x10778600092?profile=RESIZE_180x180

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  • " He now has a horrible smell (like vomit beard) coming from his ears with black/brown discharge and some coffee ground shedding. The ear is blood red "


    • He has seen the vet.

      • For this current infection? What treatment was recommended? 

        • Prescription ear cleaner and prescription ear infection drops, which I already have and keep on hand. I got more though. The redness is already better. We got most of the embedded yuck out, and the smell is gone (with just one cleaning and treatment). Thank goodness. We just had the ear hair plucked by a professional a little less than two weeks ago. That is why they think that is what caused it.

  • And once this horrible infection has been properly treated by a veterinarian, do not ever "pluck" the hair from his ears again. Leave it alone.

    • That is what I think, too. I think the plucking is causing him more problems than it fixes. I have and keep prescription infection drops and prescription ear cleaner for this very reason. The poor baby is pitiful. I still relate it back to the plucking. Also, our vet will not pluck the hair out of a dog's ears. That is how strongly she feels about it.

  • We have two doodles - Riley (less curly) and Toby (super curly, basically has poodle hair).  I don't pluck either of their ears.  What I DO though is I clean their ears regularly (about once a month) with ear cleaning solution and trim the area around the outside of the ear canal to increase airflow.  With Toby if I see a bunch of brown wax working its way out I'll pull the chunk out but I don't do it often because he really hates it.  I am more vigilant about keeping his ear area trimmed up because he has more hair in the canal than Riley.

    Our vet is generally opposed to ear plucking unless problems arise and so far so good with what I've been doing.

    • Thank you! Our Atlas has had ear infection three times. The first time, we did not know any better. We have two erect ear Yorkies -- he is our first flop ear baby. The next two times were shortly after having the ear hair plucked. Our vet is completely against it. Guess she knew what she was talking about -- duh. Some people swear it needs to be done. We will try your way and see if it works for him. Again, thank you for the advice and kindness.

      • No plucking on my 2 Doods and no ear infections.  If your dog is a swimmer or you have to bath often, make sure you dry the ears out afterward.  

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