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I owe my Doodle affliction to my son's girlfriend's Schnoodle, the coolest four-legger I've ever met.  Smart, loving, funny, intuitive, and absolutely brimming with character, I always look forward to his visits and take every opportunity to steal him for a night or weekend.  At first I thought he was just a one in million dog, then I started researching Doodles on the net and discovered he's very representative of the entire clan.  From that point forward I decided I needed my own Doodle to love and cherish, and so began three months of internet education in Doodle 101, gobbling up everything I could find, including this site and nearly everyone of its posts.  Each new tidbit of information, every gorgeous pic, and all the hilarious videos convinced me it was the right move so last week I took the plunge and brought The Dude (Goldendoodle) home to our family.  Unfortunately, my Doodleship got off to a very rocky beginning, when two days after welcoming him into our home, he tested positive for Parvo.  I was both devastated and terrified, hardly sleeping a wink while my poor feller has spent the past four nights at the animal hospital.  That's soon to be behind us, because today the cloak of sadness lifts, when I bring him home after work!!!  I couldn't be more excited....feel like a kid on Christmas morning!   

Thanks for reading.  Happy to be a part of such a wonderful gathering of peeps and hunds!

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So glad your new doodle is on the mend.

Happy that he is doing well :)

Congrats daddy!

I know your pain, over 20 years ago our Rottie contracted Parvo at 7 months after having 5 vaccinations for that horrible disease! After 5 days at a wonderful animal hospital he came home cured and spent another 10 wonderful years with us. It is a scary, scary disease especially with a baby as young as yours but thankfully it is a disease they can only contract once!

Congrats on your new doodle!

Enjoy your new baby!   Glad he's getting better.

Did he come home with the parvo? I just wonder if you took him someplace where he might have contracted it---when the pups I raise go home, I tell the new owners to carry them unless they are in their own yard--parvo is in the soil everywhere--and keep all shoes away from the pup. No contact with strange dogs, dog parks, etc...Once fully vaccinated, hopefully, you can let your guard down. 

I can't be certain, but taking into account the incubation period, I believe he may've had the disease when my wife picked him up from the breeder.  By her account, he showed signs of mucus in his stools the very first night while staying with my son in Gainesville, and two days later I spotted the blood in his stools at home. Immediately thereafter I took him to the emergency clinic. Terrifying few days, with me feeling guilty every second for not being able to protect my pup.  I notified the breeder, but she didn't respond.  I don't want anything from her, I just felt compelled to alert her as a courtesy so she could keep the remainder of her flock safe.  I didn't realize how insidiously the disease is transmitted up until Dude was diagnosed, but you can bet my guard is up now.

My biggest concern now is trying to potty train him in the midst of a non-stop tropical storm!  :)

Oh man Mark I am so sorry...unbelievable that the breeder isn't responding to you; if your pup did contract parvo while under her care you can bet that other pups in that litter (or how ever many others she might have) have also been exposed and could be with new owners going through what you are going through! My breeder is so meticulous about preventing disease that you are not even allowed to exit your vehicle until she brings over a pan with a bleach solution for you to step in before you step on the ground and the only puppy you are allowed to touch/hold is your own. She had a couple come from Arizona a few years ago and they wanted to play with several puppies from their litter and within days she not only lost 5 puppies from parvo but another puppy that had been picked up by a new family had it as well. She paid all of his vet bills. The vet told her that you can even carry the disease on clothing. No wonder she instituted such stringent policies (she's one of DK's premium breeders) and lectures all new puppy parents on the do's and don't's of disease protection, lord knows I was already a bit paranoid to begin with after my prior experience with our Rottie years ago. It was a loooong month of quarantine before he was protected by his final vaccination.

Glad that you have him home and can love on him and get him on a healthy track. You might want to give him some good probiotics like Proviable DC to help get his GI track in good working order; it takes a while after parvo for it to heal and stools to normalize. 

Vet sent him home with medication for the next two weeks.  He's definitely on the twice the terror! 



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