I have been looking for the "I'm a Doodle (What are you)?" bandanna for months and could not find it anywhere.  I just found the bandannas online last week and ordered one.

If anyone is interested, the  site that sells the bandannas is on etsy.com.  It's called GlamourDogBoutique.  I just received the bandanna yesterday and it's so cute.  Sophie is min goldendoodle (19 lbs) and I ordered the Large size and it fits perfectly.

The shop is going to close on July 26th - January 2014, so if you are interested, please order one soon.

I'm attaching a picture of Sophie in her hot pink bandanna.  :)



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  • Too cute.

  • OMG I love it! Running over to get one now! :) Such a cutie that Sophie!
  • Oh dear, must have one!
    I love her coat! Do you have her scissor cut or is that just her normal length?
    • I have not gotten her first haircut yet.  We have just trimmed the fur around her eyes so that her fur doesn't get into her eyes.  She needs a haircut though.  She just looks so cute right now.  She just got spayed last week, so we will wait a little bit.  Thanks so much though - we love her coat as well.  She is like a well loved teddy bear stuffed animal.  :)

  • Very cute!!

  • Adorable! I think she loves it!!

  • Sophie is adorable and looks very proud to be wearing her bandana!  Just ordered two of them:)

  • What a cutie! Love the bandana but Tara is too short to wear them. :(

  • too cute, must have one! she looks like she's the one saying the words!

  • This is too cute!!

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