I made dog treats!

Those who know me know that I don't cook. And I don't mean I'm not gourmet. I mean that I might not notice if the stove broke for 6 months to a year. I am a master microwaver. So it's a testament to my love for the girls that I decided to make treats. Add in the fact that Maggie is really particular about her treats and that I spend a fortune on them, it seemed like a no brainer. 


I bought this silicone pan to make treats a couple years ago. And like me and many of my great ideas I did nothing with it. But someone had these at class last week and Maggie thought they were great, so I thought I would give it a try. It's really easy. The hardest part was finding the food processor in the cabinet (How did I even come to own a food processor? I don't think I've ever used it before! It must have been another one of my great ideas at one point.) But the result is treats that the girls are crazy about. I tried one and they're okay. I had one instructor who really wanted me to hold treats in my mouth and drop them while training. Something I wasn't willing to do with store bought dog treats, but I could do with these. I did a batch with chicken and a batch with tuna. I can't tell that they have a preference for one protein over the other. The one caveat is that they don't have preservatives in them, so it's a good idea to keep the excess in the freezer. 

I wonder if there's a market for dog treats out there. Maybe that's my million dollar idea. I could quit my job and sell dog treats!

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  •  I knew this was your post from reading the title and the first sentence, lol! 
    So...where is the picture of the treats, and where is the recipe???? 
    The silicone pan looks very nice, but it doesn't help us much. We want to see & know about the treats

    Or are you really thinking about going into the dog treat business and guarding your secret recipe? LOL

    PS: treats with no preservatives don't travel very well. Unless you take orders and hand deliver them to local clients only, I think you better keep your day job. ;)

    • Ha! I wish I really could make a living making dog treats, but somehow I don't think it would work out. Here's the recipe: 

      1 10 oz can of chicken with the liquid (I also used a 12 oz can of tuna with the liquid and it worked too)

      2 eggs

      1 cup tapioca flour (from what I read the tapioca flour helps bind them and keep them from being crumbly)

      1/2 cup white flour

      1 tablespoon oil

      Put the protein and the eggs in a food processor and blend until it's smooth. Mix in the flour and oil. Spread in the pan - the secret there seems to be keeping the batter off the top of the pan, if that makes sense. So the treats don't all stick together. Bake for 12 minutes at 350. It makes a little more than 2 pans worth of treats. 

      I was kind of amazed at how well they turned out. I ended up with all these adorable little tiny pyramids!



      • They do look amazing. The training treats i use look just like that.

        • And hopefully less expensive! I don't know about you but I go through an excessive number of dog treats!

          • Oh yes, this one little extremely food motivated Poodle goes through bags of training treats like water. 

            • Willow too. She will do anything for a cookie!

            • I wish Riley thought with her stomach like Luna did!  She loves her food but will happily ignore treats if the mood strikes her and she has something more pressing to attend to.  If I go to choose another breed with the word "stubborn" in their description someone please slap me and remind me that I don't want that again lol.

      • Yeah you kinda have a pretty reliable job as it is ;-)

        They look great!


        • We've been so busy I have all the job security a person could ever hope for. But the other day my Garmin said I did 15,000 steps and a total of 7 miles at work. My feet were tired! I'm not ready for a desk job, but once in a while I dream about not juggling 27 tasks at once. Baking dog treats sounds so simple and non-traumatic.

      • You can also cook these in the microwave. I had to cut my pyramid pan in half for it to fit, but they cook in about 2-3 minutes!  There is a Facebook group full of pyramid pan dog treat recipes. 

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