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So I just read another post about a shedding doodle.  Frankie is a member of that club, too..sigh.

Some recommended a "furminator"  I looked on Amazon and there are so many.  Any first had experience that could help me out?  Prices from7-8 all the way up to 40 ish.  


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The Furminator is designed to get the undercoat out.My daughter has a one for her lab and loves it.  You have to be careful that Frankie has an undercoat - not all doodles have one. We had a lab mix that we kept very short and it helped with noticing the shedded hairs anyway.  One of my doodles shed tons, we just live with fur on everything, because I like him longer.  We also get him groomed every 4 - 6 weeks - this helps a lot!

my doodle sheds like crazy and the only brush that removes any hair is the furminator. I love it, the one we use is orange and I got it at Pet Smart. 

I don't have one for my boys but family friends with huskies swear by them and they have the yellow and black one, it was about $60. I think it's a large size and their dogs are between 60-80 lbs.



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