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Hey Joisey Girls...

No fair keeping the fun in your group ;-)
We wanna hear how the Sandy Hook Doodle Romp went...complete with pictures =)
Since I don't have a beach here and I probably won't see a romp till Spring, I need to hear all about it!!!

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I second that Adina. Let us see too!
I was able to see some pictures and by the looks of all that sand I think most of the Jersey Doods were in the bath all night! Maybe when their moms and dads recover they will sign back on and give us some good stories.
Ah, the magic of doodles. All the sand, but not Luca's mats gone b this morning.
The romp was wonderful. However, we pronounce it Jersey. You don't want to extend the Conan O'Brien war to DK do you? Believe me Jersey girls are tougher than him. At the romp no "Sopranos", well maybe some sopranos, showed up but there must have been fifty dogs coming and going during the afternoon. The weather could not have been better and Sandy Hook, part of the Gateway National Recreation area is beautiful. Our tax dollars do some good after all. Best of all the park was not crowded because it's October. The dogs and people had fun meeting each other. My two had never been near water larger than a puddle--well, a lake on leash, and loved digging in the sand. The water not so much fun--those scary wavelets. We would have loved to have had you, of course. Sara, my son Michael's girlfriend, took some terrific photos, which thanks to you I can hyperlink. Just a selected few. Somehow, I don't think you'd want to see all 600+ she took yesterday--ah modern tecnology. Ansel Adams must be turning over in his grave.
Sandy Hook
I don't know...that fisherman to our left seemed like he was sending Soprano's looks at us! LOL
The fisherman was so ticked off because Charli kept going for the bait. Not once, not twice but three times - UGH!!! raw clams! You would think that I don't feed her. So embarrassing!!!
HE should have moved - for the sake of all the doodles, kids and adults. It was dangerous the way he kept throwing out that line with so many living creatures niext to him.
Awww, Charli wanted to be his Chum
Very cute!!
FP, I am going to embed the slide show here for all to see:

Your DIL got some fabulous photos!
Thanks Adina, just when I think I'm all tecno- savy you one better me. Seriously, thanks for the compliment and I guess I have a new skill to learn. Keeps the neurons alive--I hope! A couple of repeats are in there which you might be able to delete. Some of the pictures on the Jersey page are different, too.
You can do this techno trick too!
Every album you make has a 'share' button you can click.

Just copy the 'embed' code and paste it somewhere on DK. Voila!
this is like finding an easy Julia child recipe--great. thanks. when I retire I'll be ready to take up my It career--haha.
Maybe i need to learn to tpr including caps. first.



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