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Great day guys! This is Trooper my 4 month old F1.. Anybody has a puppy who looked like him before changing coat? His hair is scuffy, wispy and shedding lots of very fine hair..

Do you think he has what they call an "improper coat"... (open face and not much hair on the legs much like a retriever..)

Or he will everntually grow straight/shaggy doodle hair as well?

Thanks very much for your insight Im very anxious about his hair ☺️

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Trooper does not have an open face. He very definitely has furnishings and a long shaggy coat, and he  looks very doodle-y to me. Typical F1 looks. The F1s often do have less hair on their legs than on other parts of their bodies. I would not be anxious about his coat at all. I can tell you now though that he will probably always shed.
I never saw my Jack as a puppy, I adopted him at 14 months old, but I imagine he looked a lot like Trooper. And Jack was an adorable, very doodle-y guy. :) Nobody ever mistook him for a Lab, lol. He did have fine, fairly wispy hair, thinnest on the legs, and he did shed pretty heavily. 

I really think Jack must have looked like Trooper as a puppy.  It was my first thought when I looked at Trooper's photos.   Jack was such a handsome dog.

Thank you, Nancy. <3

He is simply adorable!  Yes, I see the furnishings on his gorgeous face .  Skadi had a very wispy tail and little wispy fur all over until she was around 2 years old...Today she struts her glorious doodle-ness.  Enjoy the puppyhood!  Goes so incredibly fast...take lots of pictures!

That middle picture is Skadi? She's not even the same color! I would not have guessed that she would go from picture 2 to pictures 1 and 3. She's such a lovely girl.

As a point of reference here is our Luna at 4 months old and as an adult.  She was an open-faced (flat coated) f1 mini goldendoodle.

Trooper is most definitely adorable and quite doodly though with a straight coat :)

wowww luna looks like an adorable retriever! look at the hair on hee chest! ❤️

She did look just like a retriever... until you saw her next to a purebred because she was half the size ;) 

Love him!!!  I love the scruffy F1's!!!!

My Luna is also a F1 GD. She's 5 months now. She was a very scraggly puppy up until a month ago! she started growing this beautiful thick wavy fur, mostly on her back and tail... her head is still scruffy.

First photo is at 3 months, second one is at 5.

I've been told that they will change coats 2-3 times before they reach the age of 2 years. 

Trooper is gorgeous... Enjoy his scruffiness while it lasts!

He's  a cutie!

What a change! It's funny, my F1b looked like a little poodle/doodle when she was 8 weeks old. But my new puppy is an F1 and has hair that doesn't know if it's coming or going. I know it will be perfect in the end, but part of me wonders if she stuck her paw in the light socket. I'm actually hoping for that straightish shedding scruffy with this one. I can do most of the grooming on that coat myself, with a little help on the face. The other coat requires someone else to do their hair without fail every six weeks or bad things happen.



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