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Great day guys! This is Trooper my 4 month old F1.. Anybody has a puppy who looked like him before changing coat? His hair is scuffy, wispy and shedding lots of very fine hair..

Do you think he has what they call an "improper coat"... (open face and not much hair on the legs much like a retriever..)

Or he will everntually grow straight/shaggy doodle hair as well?

Thanks very much for your insight Im very anxious about his hair ☺️

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I (just now) have a 4 month old who I think looks similar. She's also an F1 and I think she will be shaggy doodly and probably shed. Right now her hair is craziness. 

Okay, I might be looking for an excuse to show off how cute she is.

I mean she is mighty adorable I don't blame you :)

And you see how Maggie is snuggling with her? If I had any doubt that it was the right thing to do that erased it all. My heart is all smooshy.

DH has been forewarned that I never want to be dogless again so we are getting another in about 5 years.  We had banked on getting a second dog when Luna was 8 but she didn't make it that far, not waiting that long again!

That's where I'm at too. But I'm not waiting 4 more years, lol. :)

You can wait five years? You have more will power than me! I know I can't have a new dog every year, that would be too many. But three is a good number.

I figure our son will be old enough to understand helping to train the pup by then :p our daughter is 5.5 and she is good with Riley.  Might be ok around 4 we will see lol.

Oh he'll totally doodle out ... look at all that nose hair and hair around his eyes ;-)  

Trooper is perfect, in my opinion. That is exactly the look I love!

What did Fudge and Vern look like as puppies?

Your puppy is just adorable!



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