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Hi Everyone,

I have a strange question for you.  Several weeks ago I took Miss Nala out to her potty patch at night.  She was on her leash and I had a flash light.  We do this all the time with no problem.  The yard is fenced in, but huge and very dark at night so I don’t just let her go out there off leash at night.

So....while I was in the patch something hopped over my foot and I let out a horrific scream.  Nala’s hair stood on end and she pulled back to the house.

Ever since then she refuses to go out at night to potty.  I thought it would pass, but it isn’t. Thank goodness it is summer and stays light out longer, but she still needs to go before we go to bed.  

Last night I got her out the door with some treats.  She understands everything I say, so she knows I want her to pee.  She is scared and doesn’t go far at all until she is pulling so hard to go back.  To the point of choking herself.

Any advice to help her out?

Thanks for any help,

Christine & Miss Nala

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Is it weird to think that maybe you could work on desensitizing her to the screaming itself? Scream more. Give lots of treats. At some point maybe it will be, mom screams sometimes. Nothing to get worried about.

I don't think this sounds weird at all. It might be a great idea - her kids don't react anymore. Maybe Nala can learn the same.


I think I misrepresented myself  While I can scream, it’s not often.  Nala is actually used to lots of noise and commotion.  We have 3 boys and it is never quiet.  And if I do scream, Nala has always been the only one to come “check” on me.  Like the laundry room incident :) and she was just fine.

I think it was the combination of the dark, the animal, and the scream that freaked her out.  And who could blame her.

That being said she is doing much better in her patch :)

Thanks again for all the advice,

Christine & Nala

Also, try using an easy walk harness instead. 

This is what Milo uses

I feel it is more comfortable for him & much easier for me to control

Good luck!! Let us know if the situation gets better! 



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