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So my daughter's baby girl came home yesterday. We are both thrilled!  I am not very technical so I don't know if this works.

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Did you try to post a photo? There isn't one here.

I hope this works.


So cute!  She looks so soft.

Embedding the picture for you so others can see without clicking :)

Thanks so much.  Can you send me the instructions so I'll know next time.

Rosalyn, everything is under the Help tab at the top of the page. Here are the instructions for embedding photos:

Thanks so much. I will definitely read and do it next time!

And if you need more help, I will be glad to walk you through it.

Thanks Nancy.   Things are going well with Alexis and  Koda.  Koda is feeling more comfortable in her environment now.

She's so cute! Love that face

She's darling!!!

Thanks. My daughter is thrilled to be a first time pet parent.

Koda is an Australian labradoodle. I am looking forward to sharing pictures as she grows and changes.



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