• Wow, stunning!  And, you have already mastered the art of photographing a black puppy which is something we all complain about all the time.  She is beautiful.  Welcome to DK.

    • Thank you so much!! She is a delight!  Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the photo--my brother in law took it! But he did a great job capturing her sweetness! 

    • Nearly impossible to photograph a black Doodle in perpetual motion at night.  Unless you're aiming for something out of a horror flick....


  • What a beauty. I agree it is a great photo.
  • She is beautiful! Love her eyes and shiny coat! Enjoy her!
  • Welcome to DK Pepper!    Just adorable!!!

  • Such a beauty!! Happy doodling to you!!!!
  • She is adorable.  I love her rich color!  Introducing her here is just fine.  Be sure to join the puppy madness group if you haven't already.

  • Gorgeous!! Congrats!! Join puppy madness group to get some good advice! I just raised a labradoodle litter with one that looks just like her!3367039668?profile=original

    • Awww thank you all!! We are so excited to finally add this addition to our family!

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