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Hi All,

Wanted to introduce my 10 week old pup, Pepper.  She's an F1 Standard Goldendoodle.  

If this isn't the right place to intro the puppy, please let me know where to post this.  

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Wow, stunning!  And, you have already mastered the art of photographing a black puppy which is something we all complain about all the time.  She is beautiful.  Welcome to DK.

Thank you so much!! She is a delight!  Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the photo--my brother in law took it! But he did a great job capturing her sweetness! 

Nearly impossible to photograph a black Doodle in perpetual motion at night.  Unless you're aiming for something out of a horror flick....

What a beauty. I agree it is a great photo.
She is beautiful! Love her eyes and shiny coat! Enjoy her!

Welcome to DK Pepper!    Just adorable!!!

Such a beauty!! Happy doodling to you!!!!

She is adorable.  I love her rich color!  Introducing her here is just fine.  Be sure to join the puppy madness group if you haven't already.

Gorgeous!! Congrats!! Join puppy madness group to get some good advice! I just raised a labradoodle litter with one that looks just like her!

Awww thank you all!! We are so excited to finally add this addition to our family!

She is absolutely gorgeous and so cute too.  Welcome to DK.

Beauty!  Nice photo too!



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