• May all of our friends be safe. 

  • Hoping everyone stays safe!

  • I hope Irma has a surprise turn to sea.
  • Praying for Irma to do a 180 and head back out to sea! Stay safe all!

  • Hoping that all our friends and doodles are safe!

  • Thinking of all our friends in Irma's path and hoping that everyone stays safe.

  • Thank you Nancy and everyone! This morning they are saying it will stay east of us but will still be a significant impact. It's just still so uncertain. Went to the store for more water this morning but shelves were empty. Yesterday a woman in my neighborhood had water in her cart and stepped away to reach for eggs, someone stole the water from her cart! There's a bit of a panic going on. I collected all our extra dog bowls and filled them with water, then put them in the freezer. Gotta think of those beloved fur babies!
    • I liked the preparedness list that was posted on FB.  Water is always a concern of mine. I wonder if people put tap water into any containers (including the bathtub) they have before the storm hits so that they could use bottled water when that supply was gone or contaminated?

    • I cannot imagine!  Thinking of you all!!!!  So scary!

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