• 10 kg is about 22 pounds which sounds right on track for a medium-standard doodle puppy.  I have a mini who was about 12-14 pounds at 12-14 weeks. 

  • She will weigh about 50 lbs at adulthood.

  • I would say on the smaller end. My female who is more golden retriever built (she's stocky) was 27 pounds at 17 weeks and she is just a little over 50 pounds at 2 years old. She's short and solid - only about 22" at the whithers. She could actually probably stand to lose a couple pounds, but she loves food. Her "sister" who is more poodle built is 24" tall and weighs about the same. I think she could pass for a poodle with the right haircut though. Just totally different body structures.

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