Is it a golden doodle ?

Hello everyone 

I am a first time dog mamma and we recently got a 13 week medium goldendoodle (upto 50lbs) from a Breeder and he looks completely different from other Goldendoodles we have seen. The breeder told us he is a F1B puppy, mom is a golden doodle and dad black poodle. Some of our friends who own Goldendoodles think he might not be one. He doesn't have fluffy or soft coat like a golden doodle. Does he look like a golden doodle? Since it's my first time owning a puppy , don't know much. 7876096453?profile=RESIZE_710x7876099693?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I would really need to know about the dam's parents. His coat is not what you would expect to see in an F1B, but you are dealing with mixed breed dogs here, and when you have a Golden Retriever in the mix, you can get all kinds of coat types. 
    However, it would be extremely unusual to get this coloring in a puppy sired by a solid black purebred Poodle, and Goldens do not carry for parti coloring, and your puppy's coloring is definitely "Parti".
    Did you see any of the other puppies in the litter? Meet the parents or visit the breeder's facility? 
    He's adorable. He's going to be very shaggy and very "doodle-y" looking. He looks more like an F1, which happens to be my favorite doodle look. And his markings are beautiful. 
    But if you were looking for a curly, non-shedding coat, I don't think you are going to get that. 

    • His mom is a medium f1b golden doodle white red parti and dad is standard black poodle. His hair is very short and not soft, that's why I wasn't sure. Our trainer thinks he also has some terrier look in him :), so wanted to find out if he is a doodle

      • The thing is, the Parti factor is autosomal recessive, which means that in order for a puppy to be parti, both parents have to carry for Parti and pass that gene along to the puppy. While a solid black Poodle could be carrying a recessive parti gene, it would be unusual and quite a long shot for the puppy to get it. 
        The coloring and wirey-ness of the coat do look like there could be terrier there, but I've seen a LOT of doodles with that kind of coat, and his structure, head, and ears are not at all terrier-like.

        You can purchase DNA tests relatively inexpensively online. Why not do one and know for sure what breeds are in him?

  • Oh my gosh! He's adorable. I think he'll have that scruffy doodle look.  Most likely he will shed. 

  • Just me, but I don't think he has terrier in him. His ear set and snout look doodle to me. Some doodles do not have a soft coat. As Karen said, you could DNA test or you could just be happy with him. Again, just me, but you could donate the money you'd spend on a DNA test to something more important. He's a doodle whether his breeding will show him to have other stuff also (because the breeder didn't use quality dogs). Who cares?  He's adorable and he's doodle enough. 

    • That's good advice, and I agree with just being happy with him. He couldn't be cuter.
      However, to me it is very important to know what breed(s) your dog is for health reasons. There are certain health conditions that are much more common in some breeds than others, and some that are limited to certain breeds. When a health issue pops up down the road, it can really help your vet narrow down the causes if he/she knows the breeds. Let's say there is some condition that is only ever seen in terriers. if your vet thinks your dog is a Golden x Poodle mix, he/she might not even consider testing for that issue. Another example: there is a condition in Collies, Australian Sheepdogs, and some other related breeds, in which they cannot tolerate ivermectin, which is a common and usually harmless dewormer and the main ingredient in Heartgard. I have seen a number of doodles here whose owners believe they are goldendoodles or labradoodles, while I know for a fact that they have to have Australian Shepherd in them. Most vets would not think twice about giving heartgard to a puppy whose paperwork says it is a goldendoodle, but if they knew there was Aussie there, they would probably choose a different HW preventative. :)

      • Great Advice. Thank you both! Nancy, yes he does shed, I have to brush him three times a day and vacuum every day. Karen, I agree that I would like to know if there is more than just a poodle and golden retriever in him, since it is my first time, I want to be prepared. There are so many DNA tests out there and many with negative reviews. Do you have a recommendation for a reliable DNA test? Thanks again 


        • Do some goldendoodles shed?

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