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I've been sort of watching several rescue sites lately for a small, female, mini goldendoodle.  Not for myself, but a friend.  I've just sort of come to feel that the majority of the doodles in rescue are males and I'm wondering if (1) others see this same trend and (2) why?   In discussions we have had about male/female, it seems the majority of people feel the males are more loving and cuddly than females and it seems odd that more of them would end up in rescue.  Any thoughts?

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Riley is really smart... it's troublesome lol.  Smart enough to be devious.  Luna was smart but not THIS smart - she definitely favored the Golden side in terms of temperament.  Riley's got the poodle brains with the Bernese propensity to get into mischief and eat everything.  

My friend has some kind of male spaniel mix who is such a dope... too dumb to figure out how to get into trouble lol.  Adorable, easy going, definitely not the brightest though :p

I'll take adorable, easy going and not too bright any day. That was basically Jackdoodle, lol. Just a big loveable oaf. 

For sure.  A dog that is too smart is just going to find ways to get into trouble (and she does).  

I want my kids to be super smart not really my dog.  I don't have time for that lol.


Maybe for our next dog we should look lower down on those "smartest dogs" lists... lol!


Google tells me:

Top 10 intelligent:  

  1. Border Collie
  2. Poodle
  3. German Shepherd Dog
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Doberman Pinscher
  6. Shetland Sheepdog
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Papillon
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Australian Cattle Dog

Bottom 10 "dumbest":

  1. Basset Hound
  2. Mastiff
  3. Beagle
  4. Pekingese
  5. Bloodhound
  6. Borzoi
  7. Chow Chow
  8. Bulldog
  9. Basenji
  10. Afghan Hound

Well, my preference tends towards the smartypants.  I think I'm just doomed.  

I did look at this other list, Bernese MD's are down at #22.  

Lots of nice breeds at #40-50 though in the"ok at understanding stuff" (average intelligence) category. I'm pretty surprised to see Bichon Frise at #45 actually, I was under the impression they were pretty smart since they were bred for doing tricks.

It's funny. Two of the breeds I seriously considered before getting Jasper, (and I mean seriously as in talked to breeders, went to see litters, etc) are tied for 62nd place. 

For me there was really no contest. There are only three breeds in the top ten that I would consider owning, and the other two are big dogs. It was a given that JD was going to be my last big dog. 

I have a strong feeling Riley is not our last big dog, DH is loving it.  I am too in some ways but I think I'd have preferred a little smaller.  Next dog maybe lesser maintenance on the coat though, the combination of big dog with a double shedding coat that needs both daily brushing AND de-shedding is a bit much lol.  I get a pile of hair probably about Jasper's size when I de-fluff her undercoat, daily brushing hair is probably yorkie sized :p

Not wanting another big dog is purely aged related for me. For the last 5 years of JD's life, it was very hard getting him in and out of cars, etc. And I could not handle a young dog his size who pulled on leash like he did when I got him. If I were younger and stronger, I'd have considered another big guy. One advantage, big dogs are SO much easier to train, from a physical standpoint. 

I am with you....although Fudge and Vern will be our last preference would be for dumb and NO prey drive :)

We have downsized our dogs due to our age. Here's the weird thing though - Gordie was 42 pounds and easy to pick up and load into the car if needed (after his CCL tears, we always lifted him in and out of the car), yet Charlie's 42 pounds is almost impossible to lift (for me).  He just has a different body conformation and he also melts into you and becomes dead weight, while Gordie 'helped' you.

I want a dog who doesn't care -  about strange people, other dogs, unfamiliar places.  In other words I want a non-threatening, non-reactive, sweet dog who has confidence and can go anywhere without undue excitement.  Maybe a bit dumber......



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