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I've been sort of watching several rescue sites lately for a small, female, mini goldendoodle.  Not for myself, but a friend.  I've just sort of come to feel that the majority of the doodles in rescue are males and I'm wondering if (1) others see this same trend and (2) why?   In discussions we have had about male/female, it seems the majority of people feel the males are more loving and cuddly than females and it seems odd that more of them would end up in rescue.  Any thoughts?

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AMEN on no prey drive.  

Clark has always said "the best dog is a dumb golden retriever" -- I'm sure there is some truth to that in terms of easy-to-live with.  Though his last heart dog was a border collie so...*shrug*.

I was always raised with male dogs. I'm guessing thats because they did not have to be spayed. Back then, we didn't neuter our males, it just wasn't a practice that was popular. When I got married, my first two dogs were also males (Poodles) but when we finally got a Golden Retriever, we got a female because we still had a male poodle. I had always heard that you should have the opposite sex so they would get along better. Chloe, my Golden was such a wonderful dog and she never tried to run off like our little unneutered male poodle did (Duh). So my husband assumed that was because she was a girl. Thats the reason why we now have all girls. However, when the time comes and we need another dog, most likely I will get a male. And he will definitely be neutered!

I had daughters and all female dogs until Vern. And now I have a grandson :) OH my....I am in love with that kid and in love with Vern. He is such a sweetheart, although since John has retired, he has ditched me for him. He has made it quite clear who his human now is, despite the fact that I remind him daily who walked him twice a day by herself until John retired.  I have no proof, but I think female dogs are smarter and smarter is harder, in my opinion. Give me undersmart any day of the week :) I do have to add that Fudge is my heart dog. She is mine and I am her person, although she is very independent. So, I have no idea why male dogs are in rescue more...makes no sense to me. Tell your friend to keep her mind and heart open to the "right" dog....and it may just be a male.

I had to smile when I read this because I''m pretty sure that if that Grandson had been a Grandaughter it wouldn't have been any different, lol!  I will say that my girls although they follow me every where they aren't cuddly girls.  They will lay on the sofa with me, but normally at the other end or occasionally beside.  It is extremely rare that they lay their head in my lap or anything like that.  Now AnnaBelle has climbed into the recliner a couple times with me.  I know one huge difference for me, is when the male dogs that live behind me lift their leg and pee on my fence it drives me absolutely bonkers!

My daughter's female rescue yorkie mix - marks!  She also dominantly poops places inside and it is NOT because she is not house trained.  Ned has never marked in his life, other than the first morning after we got him, Clancy has never marked inside, Charlie will mark but at the stupidest times, so we are on alert with him.

My female Poodle also marked, but only when other dogs were around, or she was where other dogs had been. A very, very dominant girl. 

AnnaBelle has to pee on Lucy's pee every opportunity she gets.  She will actually stand right behind her and wait for her to get done and then step up and pee on it.  It seems though that Lucy is the only one she has to do that too.  On walks Lucy marks with every opportunity.  

LOL...poor Fudge and Lucy....Fudge can never pee in peace either. Vern stands right behind her, waiting to pee over top of her pee.  She puts up with so much :)

Hahaha, somehow I have never managed to get it on film but sometimes I have a line waiting to pee on top of Daphnes pee. Lucy stands so close to Daphne she is touching her. Then after Lucy pees on Daphne's, Pippa will pee on that. When I need them to hurry up, I make sure to comment and say "good girl Daphne". That way, they know she has gone and will rush over to pee on her pee if for some reason they were not paying attention. An amazingly, they always find the spot even if they weren't watching. Poor Daphne! She doesn't seem to care though. She's pretty happy to just be done...Lol!

My dogs pee on each others' pee but Charlie carries it a step further - he often tries to pee on the pee while the other dog (usually Ned) is still peeing.  Drives me nuts!

Hahahahaha...sorry, I couldn't help myself. That is impressive!



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