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I've been sort of watching several rescue sites lately for a small, female, mini goldendoodle.  Not for myself, but a friend.  I've just sort of come to feel that the majority of the doodles in rescue are males and I'm wondering if (1) others see this same trend and (2) why?   In discussions we have had about male/female, it seems the majority of people feel the males are more loving and cuddly than females and it seems odd that more of them would end up in rescue.  Any thoughts?

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I think it's a boy thing - if you ever had boys and potty trained them to aim IN the toilet... I think it's that sort of thing (giggle).

Now see, if they were girls, they couldn't do that, they have to wait!  lol


If you didn't have dogs, they wouldn't be lifting their legs on your fence. 

The funniest thing is when two males are on either side of a fence and they have a pi$$ing contest. JD used to do that with a little Bichon who lives at the end of the street. If Sonny was in his yard when we walked by, he'd run over to say hi, they would touch noses through the fence, and then one of them would lift a leg, followed by the other one. Poor little Sonny was peed on more than once, lol, but I guess he didn't mind, because he always came running when Jack was walking by. 


So last night Jasper started a new class (CGC prep & test) and there are only four dogs in the class...all males! Two of the four are doodles, too! 

So strange... I don't remember what it was like with Luna but she only did puppy class and basic obedience which probably has a more balanced mix.

All males in beginning obedience too, lol. 
But he has always been in small classes. Beginning obedience was only 3 dogs.  Puppy class was 2 boys and 1 girl. In the bigger class that we tried but didn't complete (long story), there was more of a mix. 

And when JD did beginning obedience, it was a class for adult dogs, 4 of the 5 dogs in the class were rescues, and all were male. Same thing in his CGC class. 

Funny! Willow's first puppy class was 3 girls, 1 boy. 2 doodles, a Great Pyrenees who was in the cool kids group with the fluffy doodles. And one little male Irish Setter. I'm not sure if they didn't play much with Finn because he was a boy or because he wasn't fluffy enough. This second class we are taking is Willow and two male German Shepherds. She looks so goofy and bed-headed next to them. Like a cartoon character. 

I've never gotten a dog where I actually chose the sex.  Our first dog (an Irish Setter) was a wedding gift, and he was male.  Then I saw a picture of a Lab who was being rehomed and I fell in love, and he was male.  Then there was a Golden Retriever puppy who I felt a real affection for when we visited the litter, and he happened to be a male.  Then there was the Dalmatian puppy in the video store (back when we rented videos) who needed a home and it was love at first sight...she was a female.  Then came Guinness who I saw on the internet...he was intended for a little girl with cancer who took a turn for the worse and the family couldn't take I did.  I loved him from his picture and even more when I met didn't matter whether he was male or female.  Then I decided to adopt a little female from a local rescue, but that didn't turn out...and then came the call from DRC that Murph needed a home...and the rest is history.  All of these dogs just seemed to come into our lives and they have all been wonderful....well except the Irish Setter who was a LOT of work.



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