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Yogi was on a couple rounds of antibiotics ( maybe 2 1/2 weeks). It slipped my mind to give him proviable capsules. That was about three weeks ago. 

Is it beneficial to give them now?  Stools are okay. 


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It's not too late and can't hurt anyway!

If his stools are okay and he's been off the antibiotics for three weeks, you're probably fine. But as DonMarie said, it never hurts. 

Good for Yogi to have such a great gut!

Okay guess who got runny stools today?   I went ahead and ordered the proviable. Since he is not on the antibiotic now, when should I give the capsule in regards to meals?

Supposedly, they work best if given shortly before bed, but I would say any time that works for you is fine.

We give the Proviable with a meal - perhaps not ideal, but then we don't forget.



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