I recently adopted a male Goldendoodle puppy who was born 01-08-14 my husband and I found him at a Pet Store that i know is actually a good one where my parents adopted one of their dogs as well. any way there were 3 goldendoodle puppies all born on the same day there the other 2 had longer and more wavy hair and were a little more redish. ours has very short more like a golden retrievers coat, I was just wanting to check to see what you all think about my puppy?3364128416?profile=original3364128756?profile=original3364128689?profile=original

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  • He's a cutie. Yes he does look like he'll be pretty flat coated
  • Congratulations on your pup. Enjoy him. That said no pet stores are good places to buy puppies since they often are outlets for puppy mill one way or another. So whether your pup is a Goldendoodle is an unknown. He may "doodle out" a bit later on.
  • OMD he is adorable!  Love his coloring and his coat!  Looks like he might be flat coated, but there is some wave to it also!  Either way, he is just way tooo cute and I love his little face!

  • Your puppy is adorable!

  • Very cute! As others mentioned, they go through so many coat changes , it is hard to predict.
    And I'd have to agree with F...a " good" pet store? Where is it you think they get their puppies from? No reputable Breeder would sell to any pet store. But that's a whole other thread.
    Enjoy! What is his name?

    Also...be careful with that rope toy shown in the first pic. Pups have a way of unraveling, swollowing and the threads wrap up in the intestines, causing many problems, including death. There was just a post on here not too long ago about it, where the dog passed because of it.
  • Thank you everyone. normally i do not trust Pet Stores and wouldnt adopt a puppy from one and we had no plan to adopt a new puppy but i just fell head over heels for this little guy. if it wasnt for his other 2 siblings being at the store too and looking like a full goldendoodle with wavy curly hair i would have thought he was just a golden retriever. but because i know he is a goldendoodle i am just curious if anyone has any idea what he will end up looking like as he gets older. either way ill be happy because he is the cutest sweetest little guy.

  • He's so cute! His face looks more like a golden than a poodle which I always like. Just personal preference though. Every dog is different, but Riley's coat was wavy when we got her and has gotten really curly as she ages. One my photos page, you can see a picture of her at 9 weeks which was wavy. Below is 10 months after being brushed recently. When wet, she has pin curls. LOL Best wishes on your new little guy!




  • Your puppy is so, so cute!!!

  • What ever he is, adorable.

  • He's a cutie! t's so hard to tell what his coat will be at this age, he looks quite a bit like our Barkley did at about the same age. He also looks more golden than poodle. Barkley is almost 5 1/2 months and his coat is changing dramatically, getting long and wavy. I've attached a picture taken a couple weeks ago, not a very good picture but shows his coat. Likely it will just be a pleasant surprise, good luck with this little guy, be sure and post pictures so we can see his progress!


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