Hattie's nose is turning brown! So I researched here on DK and came up with something called "Snow Nose" from lack of sunshine...Is that was this is? I couldn't find any pictures We live in southwest Texas; and all we have is sunshine! But she does stay inside when I'm at work.. Or could it be that her nose is fading as she is getting older. Do noses fade, lol?She will be two in March. Here is what it did look like...


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  • "Snow noses" get lighter in colder weather and darker in warmer weather. JD's nose did fade a little from black to dark brown, like Hattie's, but that was permanent. He also does have "snow nose", though, and his nose can look almost rose colored sometimes in winter, especially in the center. Pigment can fade as a dog gets older. Either way, Hattie's nose is adorable, whether it's black or brown.

  • I'm not sure, but I think so.

  • Well, I don't think her hair color is going to change along with her nose, lol.

    Red dogs can have black noses, and in fact they usually do. Red poodles are supposed to have black pigment.

  • Sophie had a really black nose as a puppy.  Then the first winter is when I learned about snow nose.  After that winter it did get darker that summer, but never as black as it was.  Then it faded again and has never regained the black color  now it is sort of rose and black. 

    This is the first winter when I noticed it had faded.

    3366218365?profile=originalThis is in April of that same winter where it was starting to darken up again.3366218337?profile=originalThis is their second birthday, which is in March.  It has never gon...3366218450?profile=originalAnd finally, here is a picture from this year's Christmas Photo session.  Sort of a rose nose with freckles!  3366218380?profile=originalDoesn't matter what color it is, it is still just as kissable!
  • Darwin's nose gets lighter in the winter as well, but his nose did turn to more  of a chocolate brown permanently a while back. Even in the summer it's a dark brown rather than the black it used to be.

  • G & M both have "snow noses".....a few shades lighter in Winter than in Summer.

  • My red doodle had a black nose as a pup and it turned to rose by two years and has stayed that way--she keeps getting freckles as she gets older, but the rose color is permanent.

  • Monty's nose does it as well over the winter. It always comes back to black once the winter is over.

  • I don't think it's a snow nose, unless it's in its very early stages.  I'm sure it's colder here (in Canada, north of NY state) than Texas, so maybe hers won't get as light as Luna's does.

    Luna's summer nose is a dark brown (I suspect if our summer were longer, her nose would go back to completely black).  Her Winter nose is a light rosey brown, like this:


  • Gracie Doodle had a big black nose but over the years it has lightened and looks exactly like Hattie's does in the picture.  Gracie is 5 1/2 and it has stayed that way for over two years!  I think it is a permanent thing but she never gets into the pinkish or rose color.  I love kissing Doodle noses!!!

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