I don't think it's a big secret that I think Callie hung the moon. She's adorable, sweet, loving, and snuggly all the time and good...most of the time. There are a few things that I know are training issues that I never worked all the way through with her, but there are other behaviors that I don't really associate with "training". Leaping and twirling and making it impossible to get her harness/leash on - training. That one is one me. Removing the roll of toilet paper off the spindle in the powder room downstairs and shredding it all over the den...what the heck Callie? You know better.

Part of the problem is CAHOOTING. Callie and her BFF Louie are no longer allowed to have unsupervised play dates. They used to all the time, but then if they were alone together they were naughty. They would shred anything that wasn't nailed down. I have to admit...I kinda blamed Louie (as did Louie's mom) and figured he was the instigator. However - Callie and Luna are also cahooting in bad behavior. I can't pretend Callie isn't instigating here, even though when left alone, she really is good. When Callie is the common denominator in bad behavior though...

Last week, they had the toilet paper party. This week, the cahooters knocked down my stainless, lidded kitchen trash and shredded garbage all over my house (I found string cheese wrappers at the top of the stairs). Luna gets a bit of a "bye" on a recent point in her life, I know she had to forage for food. 

Is she bored? And why would she bored with her billions of toys, a mom who now is home much more frequently, and a live in friend who adores her?


(here's a picture of the culprit...she's super furry right now)


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  • Frannie, every mom knows that one older kid alone in the house is fine, two or more need supervision, lol. It must be the same with dogs.

    And the answer to your title question, Yes. My grown-up doodle is good all the time. But he's also the only "kid" in the house. ;) 

  • Oh Callie, You are just the cutest. So glad you are having fun with your cahooter!

  • Oh, and we need a picture of the "cahooters" together!

  • Knox has a 'baby-sitter' with him at times -- our female 13 year-old Jack Russell! She won't let him get away with any misbehaving, lol!
    • Yea, Courtney! I had a baby brother myself, and I know how hard it is to keep them in line!


  • So glad perfect Spud doesn't associate with these badly behaved young ladies.  My dog is perfect all the time

    • Uhhhh, Joanne, didn't Spud get his name from rolling potatoes around? Or was that just my imagination?

      • You have a great imagination  and Spud likes paper too

  • I agree with Karen...

    I think that it's easier for one doodle to be "Just Perfect" (smile)...then add another...well...then the Party Begins!!

    In answer to your question.. Is.Sasha  good all of the time?

    I'd like to say yes...but if I were to be honest...I'd have to say Most of the time...but Not All Of The Time...

    When Sasha goes outside in the morning...with all of those "Great Nightime Smells"...and I want her to come inside before she is finished "Smelling Every Smell There Is To Smell...she didn't  always come when I first called  her.   Lol...

    We've been working on it...using a "High Value" treat...and I have to say that Sasha now comes in when I first call her...Thankfully...and Yay!! 

      Hmmmm....I hope she does that I said that! 

    And then there's  the get the picture...

    So...I would still love to say that Sasha  is good All of the time...but...I really do think that I know better than that!!   Lol...


  • 3365878242?profile=originalThis was NOT a posed picture!  Nuff said?  'Ned still does this every chance he gets and he will be 4 in March.

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