So is this site having some issues, or is it me? I came on earlier and all the discussions were not in English. Since no other site I went to had the issue, I am assuming it is coming from here. Just want to make sure I'm not being hacked or something.

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  • A spammer joined and posted 40 discussions in the main forum (all in Asian characters) before Clark deleted his account. It's not you or your computer. 

    • So Clark did it or it scared it scared him off? I hope the culprit doesn't come back.

  • Thanks Karen. I hope it causes no further problems.
  • Thanks for explanation. I know some sites have a mod, especially for newcomers before they can start posting without being moderated.

  • I missed it all!  Glad Clark was able to get rid of the spammer. 
    I wonder how effective their spamming is.  I mean do they really ever get something out of the spamming an English speaking site in a foreign language?
    Karen I was approving new members for a while, after a time when it seemed every other member was a Spammer for a while.  But then after a long time of no spammers trying to join I quit. 

  • I didn't see the Asian characters but yesterday or the day before when I tried to log in I got a notice that the site was not secure and if I logged in I could be hacked. This happened 2 or 3 times over a half hour period and then it was gone. 

    • If it happens again, can you take a screenshot and then send it to me?  admin @ -- no spaces.

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