Hello All, I started a discussion in the Photography group about the DK calendar. Not much is happening with the discussion and usually, it is a very active one year after year. It is a place where you can post your possible calendar entries and get feedback or help.  The lack of interest concerns me because I would really hate to see the DK calendar go by the wayside. It has been a long standing tradition on DK for as long as I have been a member and I am really old. Please consider hopping on over there with some photos and let's get this party started. Meanwhile, here are Adina's instructions for submitting calendar photos. Deadline for entries is September 20, I think!!


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  • I second what Laurie says!

  • I think sadly a lot of the members who used to put up calendar photos are no longer here or have lost their doodles to the rainbow bridge.  I never submitted photos of Luna because I felt like she wasn't "doodly" enough to get into the calendar.  I also don't use calendars myself so I thought I'd leave it to the people who would be excited to use a calendar with their doodles in it.

    I do hope there are more participants though, it is a really fun DK tradition!

    It's also possible there are plenty of people submitting they just aren't posting photos for review in the photography group.

    • Submissions are low this year.  

      I do think that fewer people actually use calendars and everyone is on FB and IG.  Sites without a phone app are just not as "fun" for most people who work during the day and check in on their phones here and there or at night.  It gets too complicated to participate. And "everyone" is on FB and IG so going elsewhere is less attractive.

      • I haven't used a physical calendar in at least 15 years.  I use my Google calendar for reminders anf things and Facebook for pictures of my family and friends.  The wide availability of nice images makes a physical calendar a hard sell these days. 

        • Agreed. This will likely be our last year.  Happy to promote the calendar Laurie makes with Fudge &Vern.

          • Thank you, Adina! I couldn't live without my physical calendar. I like to be able to mark it, see it, and hang it on my bulletin board. I hope this is not the last year. It has always been such a fun thing to look forward to on DK!!

            • Me too. I have always had two wall calendars every year, one in my kitchen and one in my office. 

              • Even when I have calendars hanging, they are just decor, I don't use them except to glance and look at the date. I don't write on them.

                • I don't write on them any more, either. I used to put stickers on them for birthdays and holidays when i had a little one in the house. I have a day planner on the kitchen counter that I write on. :)

                  • I have a wall calendar and a planner that I use all the time - I don't know about the rest of the world, but all of my nurse friends pull out big paper planners all the time. My phone does not cut it. 

                    I have always thought that if there was a way to make a DK wall calendar as well as a planner it would be amazing. I've never checked into it, but I feel like Shutterfly can do anything. 

                    I just have horrible photography skills. Beautiful dogs, but the pictures are no bueno. 

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