•  We don't have many if any cavapoo owners here. Most of our members have labradoodles, goldendoodles, aussiedoodles, bernedoodles, etc. It seems nowadays, anything mixed with Poodle is considered a "doodle" by some, but we really haven't ever had many of the small Poodle mix owners. 
    However, I know enough about canine genetics and particularly Poodle & Poodle mix genetics to know that your pup is what we call "open faced", meaning that she does not have furnishings, which is the shaggy hair around the muzzle & above the eyes that give doodles that "doodle-y" look. For that to be the case, there have to have been unfurnished breeds on both sides of her pedigree. Cavaliers do not have furnishings, but Poodles do, and in the case of purebred Poodles, they are dominant. If one parent is a purebred Poodle, you cannot get offspring that are open-faced. But it's common in F2s, where both parents are mixes. If both parents were cavapoos, that would explain it. 
    Do you know what generation your pup is? Do you know what breeds her parents are? Have you seen pedigrees for the parents? 
    Also, be aware that the home dna tests will not show breeds further back than 3 or 4 generations. We have seen results on many Poodle mixes come back showing nothing but Poodle when we know for a fact there are other breeds there. 

    • We were told her mother was a cavapoo (who we saw) and Dad was a stud miniture poodle. So we were told she was a F1b. We aren't to bothered as we overlooked the stereotypical cavapoo look which was her brothers as I thought she was just beautiful. Since she has started losing her very fluffy coat, I'm just more curious to how she may look. 

      • I think she's going to look basically the way she does now, except her fur will be thicker and longer. She's almost certainly going to shed. 
        The stud was not a purebred Miniature Poodle, although it's possible the breeder didn't even know that. We often see other breeds several generations back in the Poodles that are used as stud dogs by those breeding mixes. In any case, she looks like a very sweet dog. Enjoy her. 

  • I think she looks much like a flat coated mini goldendoodle, but Cavalier King Charles spaniel mixed with poodle - maybe so. 
    This is a friend's cavapoo who does not have a conventional doodle look (some of his litter did). He's 2.10504247280?profile=RESIZE_400x

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    • He has lots of furnishings though, which the OP's pup does not. 
      I don't think any cavapoos have a "doodle" look, lol, but your friend's dog does look the way I'd expect a cavapoo to look. 

  •  I agree that he will look like he looks now, but less puppy.  Like a tiny golden retriever of sorts...

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