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How creepy is this? It's uncanny. He even has the same name, poor guy! Adina, how far is this from you?

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More About Jack
I am a 2 year old male Labradoodle (first generation). I had to leave my home because they had 12 cats and I liked to chase them. I am a little shy at first, but I will warm up when I get to know you. My adoption fee is $300. I will be at the Nyberg Woods PetSmart in Tualatin (just east of the I-5 freeway) Saturdays 11:00 to 5:00 until I am adopted. Jack is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.
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I just read this to Spud. I had to leave my home because they had 12 cats and I liked to chase them.
I swear he gave a peek out of one side of those sleepy eyes.

"See, Spud, I have told you to stop chasing the cats!"
We only have 2 very elderly cats. He not only chases them but also tries to hump them. What a nightmare some days.

Hope this sweetie gets a new home soon. Hey Karen, there is a doodle train. He could be in your home in 2 days.
That is one of the reasons I refuse to eat at a "pot luck" unless I personally know all the contributors. Fear that the jelly salald was made by some " cat lady" LOL! (yuck!)
ROFLMAO! I have to remember not to take a sip of beer before I read your posts!
LOL!.....I'm sorry I love all animals..I truly do.... and would help any cat in need..I am just not a cat person.....and around here, any single woman with more than 2 cats definitely has her picture next to the word "pathetic" in the
See my reply to Reg's similar suggestion above, lol. And I only have 1 elderly cat, but she deserves to live out her remaining years in peace. My Jack was cat-tested in the shelter right before my eyes, and he passed with flying colors; supposedly, he had grown up with a cat in his last home.
Can you imagine, though...12 cats? And he's 2 years old, clearly the cats were managing to stay out of reach. They could have all just gotten together and chased him, lol. What could the story really be there, I wonder?
Ummmm...The dog is allergic to the cats and will die if he stays in the home?...Ummmm..the dog was gagging on cat hairs and the litterbox smell and can no longer stay in the home?......Ummmm.......The woman who owned him got Toxoplasmosis and blamed it on the dog?......Maybe the dog was "litterbox surfing" for a snack too many times.....Personally, I think that the dog is better off away from a house with 12 cats and any nut who would have 12 cats to begin with.......LOL
ROFLMAO to you, too.
He probably is better off; I just checked, and that's a really good private rescue he's with. And he is in foster care.
LOL!!! Seeee??? You want some of the jelly salad SHE made???
He does indeed look like Jacks twin.
Any news on Jack's twin brother yet? I have forwarded the details to my former GM in Portland and he promised to ask around a bit and forward the details as well. He deserves a loving home. And regarding the cats: Why do you take a dog if you have already so many cats? Even if you have a big house I think there must be something wrong with you to take so many pets into your house. In Europe they have come up even with an official psychological desease for these people. They call it pet collector desease when people canot stop taking more and more pets into the house and end up totally overchallenged with all the work that means.
I myself always considered myself as a dog person and not as a cat person and my boyfriend was always a cat person. When we moved in together we first decided to get 2 cats as we were away very often and when we found a good solution for taking care of a dog we got Benny. I must say that I don't want to be any day without my 2 cats anymore. Benny also chases them every now and then but then he gets a punch from one of them and he steps back. There is no way that 12 cats weren't able to handle 1 dog lol. What a ridiculous excuse but when hearing the story I am glad that Jack doesn't have to stay anymore in that home and it is good to hear that he is in fostercare. I really hope that he will find soon a forever loving home.
(And hopefully, his new home has no cats)



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