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Am so in love with my new Jazzy.  week home sleeping all night, doing great on housetraining and crate, but boy is she a little bitter and jumper, Working on those, and switching her over to Orijen in a few days. I just can not master getting pictures on here. I am not the fastest learner with computers.

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I am not techy either.  Click on the second icon Looks like a picture with a white frame around it.  Then click on browse and select a picture from your computer.  Once it uploads, click on ok and voilla!  there it is.She is adorable!

Jazzy is darling and has an amazing, sweet expression on her face- once she outgrows the jumping and biting she'll be a sweetheart!
Gorgeous little pup.

Oh, she is just darling.  She is just trying to communicate in the only way she knows - jumping and biting.  It does get better.  What breed is she?  Goldendoodle, ALD?  Welcome to DoodleKisses - the best website around for doodle lovers everywhere.

She is a goldendoodle. 9 weeks old now, but I am having problems putting pics on, I use my iphone

Hi Pam - From your iPhone, you can email the photo to your computer. Then, from your email, just open and drag the image to your desktop. From there, follow Nancy's instructions.  

Jazzy is a beauty. When my two were pups, I would try to always substitute an appropriate chew toy for my body parts! Curbing the jumping was trickier, but that, too, stopped soon enough. Jazzy is just a baby, and it sounds like you're going to make an awesome team.  

Jazzy is adorable! 

OMD What a precious pup!   Congratulations Pam!  I know you've waited a long time for this sweet little girl.  She looks so much like FInn when he was little -- hug these puppy days close :))


Congratulations, Pam!  I'm so glad you finally have your puppy home - she is adorable!

She is adorable.. congratulations!



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