I'm looking into joint care/arthritis help since Picco is a 9yr old active hiker and runner.  I've reduced him to 3-4 miles now but on those hikes when his dog buddies are around they will play and add on their own additional miles.   I wish they could learn how to pace themselves!

There are so many choices out there that it is overwhelming so any help would be appreciated!

Has anyone have and experice with Four Leaf Rover product Green Eggs for joint care?  I am using their bovine Colostrum product which has really reduced Picco's itching so that works great for us.  https://fourleafrover.com/collections/products/products/green-eggs

Also a recommendation is Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine.  I like the idea of a liquid, they usually get absorbed better.



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  • I personally prefer to go with supplements that have proven and verifiable results, i.e. studies behind them. 
    Jack's physical therapy vet as well as his regular vet recommended the Nutramax line of joint supplements to me; Dasuquin and Cosequin. Both come in chewable versions that are easy to give. Both have proven results. 
    In order for a joint supplement to be of any benefit, it needs to have sufficient amounts of the active ingredients, mainly glucosamine and chondroitin, and they need to be present in the correct ratio, i.e. so many milligrams of one for every so many milligrams of the other. 

    • Thanks Karen, I'm familiar with Proviable and know it is good product.  When I went to the website I see they have human products too. That might be worth checking out. I'll see how Picco does first, he's more important :-)

      I have noticed that some products don't give directions or dosages so I was wary of them.


      • Nutramax has a very responsive customer service team, so if you have any questions about any of their products, before or after ordering, call them. 

        • Good to know since they have a few options. Thanks again!

  • We give Wally Dausequin with MSM, as well as a monthly injection of Adequan. We've just started to add a daily Galaprant. 


    • Galliprant is an NSAID, which is effective for pain and inflammation, but like all NSAIDS, it can be very hard on their digestive systems. JD could not take it for that reason. 

    • Many many years ago I had a dog on Rimadryl which can be hard on liver as all NASIDs can.  My vet (into natural meds) suggested  giving milk thistle for liver support and it really help bring her liver numbers back to normal

      I'm thinking of trying the Dausequin.

  • Update!  I started Picco Nutramax Dasuquin, 2 a day (inital 4-6 wk period). It's only been 10 days and see great results already.  We did a not-so-easy 2.5 mile hike yesterday with 2 of his playing buddies. He slowed down during hike and was tired all evening but this morning - no limping and he's moving around fine.  I took him out for 1 mile run to keep us loose and he did great! I hope this is all he will need, at least for now.

    Thanks for input about the products!

    • That's great! It usually takes longer to see results. 
      I would try not to overdo it as far as long hikes and strenuous exercise go. Keeping him moving is great, but as they get older, we do need to modify their exercise intensity and duration. 
      Jack's mobility improved greatly when we shortened his walks. 

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