• My Jackdoodle started having some orthopedic problems around Buster's age. My vet recommended Cosequin. The physical therapy vet also recommended Dasuquin. Both are made by Nutramax, which is a reliable company. Because Jack had some digestive issues, we needed a non-chewable, so we went with one of the Cosequin products. Jack's issues were fairly severe and we were doing other things to keep him comfortable as well: cold laser therapy, acupuncture, etc. So I can't tell you how much of the improvement was due to the Cosequin alone, but I do feel it helped. And it certainly can't hurt. 

  • I only started Boca on chew late fall and she's going to turn 11 this April.  I haven't really noticed any difference, but I bought these from the vet.  She THINKS she's super agile even if she's not and sometimes will tumble down things she should be walking carefully off of.  But she doesn't seem to get injured.  She had knee surgery at age 6 and 9 so I am hoping these actually are doing something useful for her old crickety joints.  


    • Thank you.  He still walks with a full on trot and loves to play running tag. No difficulty going up and down stairs or hills. Other than a ear infection 4 years ago from my other dog licking in his ear, he has been healthy.   He is 96lbs and stands 28 inches tall at the shoulder, so he is big.  Want to be pro-active with any chance of hip/joint issues.

  • We give our senior dogs Dasaquin as well as our doodle who had hip replacement. Do I think it helps?  Can't say that it does, but I'd rather err on the side of being proactive. 

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