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Surgery  today. My puppy was born over the holiday weekend. 8 weeks until I'm a doodle mom. Long journey, but getting closer. Keep pics and stories coming. It is what I will be doing for 6 weeks, reading.

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I guess it is good to get everything over with before you start your new life as a doodle mom.  Just thinking of it, I can smell puppy breath.  I have had three doodles and they are the most marvelous dogs.  We got our first doodle in 2003 when my husband retired and he quickly became a "biker dog".  He went everywhere with us and his favorite thing was riding "shotgun" in my little sporty car.  My husband had a standard poodle, but he usually just stayed at home (not very sporty at all).  Next we got a phantom goldendoodle who was a tall, elegant dog, but also not so sporty.  Those two doodles both died too early, and we now have an ALD who is almost 4 years old.  We also have a companion for him (a Jackapoo) and our favorite doodle is with us again for six weeks while his family is away on business (in Paris no less!).  So we are a three-dog family right now.  My next dog is going to be a sheepadoodle (OES/poodle) and I am hoping for a phantom sheepadoodle.  My breeder has the stock but it is all an experiment in breeding at this time.  First litter is due in June, but this litter was not sired by her phantom poodle, but the sire does have the parti gene so we will see what comes up with that.

So, Pam, good luck with surgery and keep in contact.  It is exciting times waiting for your puppy.  What kind is (s)he?

Thanks for the good wishes . I have heard of phantom but don't. Know what it is

Congrats about the puppy.  I hope you have a speedy recovery and can post puppy pictures soon.

Good luck Pam, I hope the surgery goes well and you have a quick & uneventful recovery. 

Pam ~ best wishes for a very speedy recovery.  You need to get ready for all the puppy kisses coming your way!

Any updates? How did the surgery go? Wishing you a super duper speedy recovery!

Good wishes for the surgery Pam.  Soon you'll be cuddling that new puppy :)

Good to be getting your surgery out of the way, now you can enjoy your new puppy when it comes home.
Get well soon!

Get well soon! I hope pictures and puppy updates help you heal. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of your new little one soon! 

Praying for a successful surgery and recovery.  Oh, I remember the days of WAITING...  Keep learning all that you can from this site, AND, enjoying all of the great photos.  It seems like an eternity but it is sooooo worth the wait.  Good luck.

I hope the surgery went well and now you can concentrate on healing and your new puppy! Speedy healing, you have a lot to get ready for!!

Hope your recovery is smooth and goes fast!  You can read up on your new puppy and all you have to look forward to! 



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