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Glass  in all its forms and functions.

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We've had rain for the past two days.   I took these shots with my iPhone through the Jeep windshield.   

I love the reflections of the trees in the rain drops and the shadowy patterns of the trees in the background.

So true.

These are really beautiful, Carol

Amazing detail for a camera phone! And beautiful too. I just got a Jeep, Carol, and  I am loving it even though it's a big change from my little sedan/sportster. Finn seems very happy with his new back seat too.

We really enjoy the's our "summer" vehicle.    It's a 2 door...and we removed the backseat so Banjo has that open space to himself.    It took him a little bit of practice to leap up through the back door...but he's a pro now.

Thanks so much everyone.

Haley enjoying a Sunday afternoon ride reflected in side mirror of his SUV.  (Shot through the not so clean : ( side window.)

Such a cute capture!



I love this, Anne!



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