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For this assignment we will focus on your dog running towards you.

I've provided the guideline in pdf form as it doesn't clutter up the top of every page in the discussion. I know we would all rather see pictures!

I've tried to make it as simple as possible. There are things I recommend doing and not doing, but please note that I am trying to make it as easy as possible to get your dog in focus.

Please read the pdf attached. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be explained better or added to make this as user friendly as possible.

Also please state your camera settings with each photo: ISO, shutterspeed, aperture, and focal length.

And happy shooting!


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Crap...I was all excited that I got something resembling an action shot and see the directions say a dog running at you. I am posting anyways. LOL The sprinkler was moving :)

Aw cute Fudge! I love water shots. 

Thanks! I was also testing out this new flash I got that stays on camera.

So cute!

She looks adorable!

(I'm okay with straying from the "dog running towards you" theme, but I would prefer the dog to be the part moving!)

LOL....I am hoping to get out on the boat this weekend for some action shots. Her tongue was moving :)

I'm currently following a thread on a facebook group that is all about shooting dogs running towards you. I need to share what this guy is saying:

"photographing a subject moving toward you rapidly is a difficult focusing situation for any equipment or setup. You'll get some keepers or some misses but the AF is haveing to constantly track a rapidly changing focal plane and its just a lower percentage situation. Higher end gear will help, but I don't think you'll ever get all keepers in this situation. If the dog was running across the frame it would be much easier to lock focus and result in a higher keeper rate.

I don't know what other people's keeper rates are on a situation like this but I'd guess mine is about 50% of the shots are sharp, and the other 50% aren't. I know that going in so I try to shoot a lot.

I do like using a single focus point and using the "aim small miss small" mentality where I try to lock that focus point onto my subjects eye. Its not easy but the more you focus on it the better you get.
I also use 'release priority' instead of 'shutter priority' so I don't get locked out of shooting based on what the camera thinks is in focus -- not sure if there's any advantage or disadvantage to that.
Really, I'd start with photographing a slower moving subject like a person walking toward you, or even a person or animal walking across the frame, not directly toward you. Then move up as you go and figure out what works best."

He also mentions that longer focal lengths work much better because the autofocus system doesn't have to work as hard.

I am finding that the "single focus point" has really helped my running photos! Im not quite sure what is meant by "release priority"? Can you clarify?

I'm glad to see you using single focus point and extra appreciative that you are asking a question when you don't understand something. Regarding the comment above, what he meant to say was release priority instead of focus priority. Sorry I didn't catch that earlier. 

What this means:
So your dog is moving very fast and the camera is having a hard time with the focus. Do you want to take the photo anyway even if it might be blurry? Or do you want to make sure the focus is nailed before taking the picture? Release priority says take the photo anyway. Focus priority says don't take the photo until you've nailed the focus. Focus priority can often prevent you from taking any picture at all if it can't focus. Most people I know choose release priority.

I don't know if your camera has this option. But with some cameras there is an option buried in the focus menu that gives you a preference. It's usually in the higher end cameras.

Calla 300mm 1/1600 f5.6 single point focus

Oh, Calla looks so happy!  Love that little nose and smile.

Calla looks so happy!! Did you just tell her dinner was served :)



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