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She looks so beautiful!!!

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Did you intend to share a photo? There isn't one posted. Would love to see her new do.

Looking forward to actually seeing her photo. :-)

I would love to see her photo too!

Sorry I tried but it didn't go through... i'll try again

You can edit your discussion. Then on the top left of that box, click on the 2nd image from the left ( Looks like a pic of mountains). If you hover a mouse over it, it says "image". That will allow you to put in a photo if you are using a computer. Its not the same if you are trying to use a phone or iPad.

Don’t give up!  We want to see that cutie pie. 

I really want to show you guys but I can't figure it out lol....

Are you on a computer? A phone? A tablet? What kind of device? 

Did you look at the link I provided above? It gives detailed, illustrated instructions on how to do it. 

I'm on a computer but I don't see any image button.

It's at the top of the reply box: the white box right under your post that says ":Reply to This". The link I posted shows you with photos. Right now when you read this, click "Reply" right here under my post, and that box will open up. At the upper left corner of the box are some icons. First, a chain, then a little rectangle with what looks like a mountain; it's supposed to represent a photo. If you hover your mouse on it, it says "Image". Click that, and it will let you upload a photo from your computer. Again, this is all spelled out in the help link. 

DO YOU SEE A BOX LIKE THIS above the responses here?



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