My 7.5month old parti color labradoodle looks like an English Springer Spaniel.  Both his parents were f2b labradoodles with his mom being completely black with a wavy fleece coat, and his dad with a curly coat and the same coloring as my Hank.  He is currently shedding his white puppy fur, only the white (hoping this isn't permanent).  Some of his brown fur grows faster than his white and he has these brown long spike looking fur patches on his legs and feet.  It looks like Hank is getting a wavy fleece coat like his mom.  The breeder also said he'd be 40-55lbs full grown but is currently 67lbs with the vet estimating him at around 80lbs full grown. Hank is a great dog and very smart and just loves everyone.

Anyone else with a labradoodle that looks or looked like an English Springer?  


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  • What a gorgeous dog!!! I hope Jolene, Sassparilla and Josie check in...her Josie has some of Hank's markings. Sounds like you hit the jackpot with Hank in both looks and personality!!

    • Thank you! He's a wonderful dog. All of his siblings are super fluffy and we're hoping Hank will doodle out too. He's beautiful either way, but I'm hoping for more fluff.
  • He is adorable! Looks like he has a mohawk. So cute!

    • Thank you, we love him just the way he is

  • What a great looking doodle!  

    • Thank you!  We think so too!

  • I've finally started telling people that yes he is a springer when they ask. Most people who have springers know that he's about 20lbs over springer size.  Either way, he's beautiful and we love him.  Can't wait to see what he looks like when he's full grown.

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