I have a coat question. All three of my Goldendoodles have similar coats,long ,semi curles and very silky. Now I have a new 8month old Labradoodle and he has a shorter,kinky coat.Curles around his face and graying of his black legs.He also has a shorter tail than the GD's.He is black with lots of colors coming to the surface. His head is black but when you part the hair ,its gray underneath,the same way on his legs. Its exciting waiting to see what color he'll turn out to be.Any one out there have a kinky little Labradoodle?? and will his coat change????

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  • I have a Goldendoodle whose coat did the same thing. I learned on this site that there is a "fading" gene in poodles that cause this coat color change. Kona's dam was a blue Poodle and his sire was a cream Golden Retriever. I call him pewter… but it's my own color descriptor nothing official. His face has tan coloring around his muzzle. I love watching the doodles change. Enjoy! 

  • My Goldendoodle Sasha is VERY poodley - tight, tight curls.  My Oliver who is  a Labradoodle has tight curls but not as tight as Sasha.  He is solid black but as he ages there is a small area on his tail that is a charcoal grey and when you spread open the hair it is a lighter black but then changes to black.  Around his mouth and nose the hair is a rusty black.

  • There is so much variation in the coats that you really just have to wait and see.  All of my dogs have lightened up with age and the coats were all different.  Our ALD has a soft undercoat but the outer coat is more like a terrier.  It is a course texture and grows much quicker than the other hair.  I call his color taupe.  The goldendoodle has wonderful soft hair that is very easy care.  Take a look at my pictures and you can see all three.  They are all very different.

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