• Dog park activity.  And maybe get a FitBark 2 to track the activity throughout the day.

    My Teddy has TONS of energy but I find it light-years easier to get him in for the night on days when he goes for 3-4 walks and goes to the Dog Park as opposed to rainy days where he goes out less often and for much less walking time.

    • Oh, I must have missed where you wrote he was only 4 months old.  You may have to wait a bit to take him to Dog Parks but longer walks, more excercise, play dates with other small puppies/dogs....should tire him out.  Playfighting is also tiring to young pups.

      When he's a bit older/bigger, then take him to a Dog Park (preferably one for small dogs) and it will help socialize him and also tire him out.

      • Thank you so much for the response.  I just took her for a mile run and she crashed out.  I’m waiting to see how long she will sleep.  Your dog is adorable.

  • So you are talking about sleeping during the day? 
    I would not expect any puppy of any age to sleep for more than maybe 30 minutes during the day, if someone is home. Even after a run. If I had a puppy who slept for 3-4 hours during the day while I was home, I'd take him to the vet, lol. 
    They should be sleeping through the night, however. 

    Young doodles need a ton of exercise, and that should ideally include off-leash running. Leash walks and indoor play are usually not enough.

    Hard exercise does help them sleep better in general, and to be relaxed during "down times" indoors. 
    A regular routine, i.e. meals, play, training, exercise, etc. at a certain time of day, every single day, weekends included, helps a lot with their sleep patterns, too. 

  • I wouldn't take puppy running with you until older, at least a year old, longer if a standard doodle.  Their growth plates should be fused before you run with them too much or it can damage their joints.  Free running is totally fine, just not running with you for long periods (especially on pavement). 

    Other than that I agree with Karen and Frank on all points.  Lots of exercise, the breeds that make up doodles are generally hunting dogs and high energy.  

    As for sleeping through the night, pup should be able to stay in the crate for 8-9 hours a night at that age.  Take her out right before you go to sleep and she should be ok until morning.

    • Thank you for the advice.  I didn’t realize that it would be bad in her growth plates.  I will take it easy on her and just walk her for now.  Maybe just more walks.

      • Running in itself is not bad for her growth plates, when it's free running, i.e. off-leash, self-directed, (i.e. not alongside you or anyone else who is setting the pace, so the dog is free to set their own pace and stop and go as needed) and done on grass, dirt, or some other natural surface as opposed to concrete, blacktop, or pavement. 

  • You're very welcome, Tammie.....look into the FitBark, I really think it's a great way to keep track of how active your dog is with a hard number.

  • I am not a dog trainer or expert, but I have raised 10 puppies. My latest, Murphy, is about 18 months old now.  So this is only from my experience.  Puppies like children like a routine.  Most puppies at 16 weeks would be sleeping through the night. I did have one puppy, Czar, who pooped every night in the middle of the night until he was 7 months old.  He was confined in the laundry room so that I could sleep.

    If your puppy is not confined at night that may be the problem. For nighttime, try confining her to a crate or small room like the laundry or bath.  Make sure the room is puppy proof, nothing she could damage or swallow.  If she has not be confined she is not going to like it and you will need to be tough.  Once she is in for night, no talking, looking etc. You can feed her in the crate for a few days with the door open to help her understand it is a good place.

    If daytime is the problem keep her on a 10- 15 foot leash and tie her to you or near you. Put one or two toys within her reach, change out the toys occasionally during the day.  Do not play with her constantly, just keep her near you and expect her to entertain herself.  Stick with a schedule as much as possible.  Once she accepts the crate or room as her safe place there is no reason she cannot spend a couple of hours in it while you are home to give you and her a break. 

    Crates are for keeping dogs safe and owners sane.  Crates should not be used for long term confinement, but overnight and when you are at the grocery store are better than OK, they are good.  In my opinion all dogs should feel that their crate is a safe place to be.  It is a good way to transport a dog or confine a dog if you have an emergency.

    Murphy is still sleeping in her crate at night because Tigger likes to sleep on our bed.  He has agreed that she is now queen, but I think at 11 years old he should still have human bed privileges. Two people and two dogs in one bed is possible, but crowded, Tigger would end up on the floor!

    Remember happy owners make for happy puppies.  Give yourself a break a use a crate and insist on overnight sleeping and some down time during the day.

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