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I think I ask this question every year, sorry. But I still have this hope that someone will have the perfect simple/permanent solution... I don't think it exists but I can't help asking again. 

I think spring might have sprung, and I can't possibly express how happy I am about it. But now I have the mud pit problem. The girls so helpfully dug a hole right on the other side of the porch door last summer and now they've turned it into a mud pit. They are so happy to go outside, and squish. I did order them a paw plunger today and I hope that will help with the muddy feet. But it would be great to get rid of the mud problem. 

I'm not a lawn maintenance genius. I briefly thought about trying to figure out how to put some sod down right there, but either I would kill it, or the girls would. I have vague hope that the grass will grow back, but I'm not holding my breath. It was a big hole. 

But I was thinking about straw. People put straw down on muddy areas don't they? Maybe it would help long enough for things to dry out and something would grow there? Is that a terrible idea? Are they just going to bring muddy straw inside instead? I really keep thinking there's got to be a simple solution. I just haven't figured it out yet. 

On the bright side, it feels like it's been sub arctic forever. I will happily deal with the mud as long as it stays 50+. Please don't let it snow again this year!

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I think your soul is fine ;) Sorry, couldn't resist! The seeding didn't work for me either. Of course, there were other steps besides throwing the seed out there and I skipped those, so... I don't know why there always have to be so many steps (most of which involve at least some digging type activity.)

That's what I get for using my phone!  I think its soul is depleted!!!!!  We tried seeding ourselves then we actually paid a company to spray the seed.  Neither worked.  Sodding worked for us, but it is very expensive and the dogs killed the fescue with their pee and running. The St. Augustine has died over the winter and looks horrible. It better come back in the spring like the lawn guy said or I think I will hunt him down......



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