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We have a standard flat nylon leash (3/4" wide) and it's plenty strong enough but if Riley pulls (and man can she PULL!) it really hurts our hands.  Most of the time she walks nicely but when she does pull strongly it leaves me with a rope burn/bruise.

What kind of leashes have a better grip?  Leather? Cotton/climbing rope?

I was thinking maybe leather since horse reins are usually pretty easy to grip.  

I also keep forgetting to bring distraction treats which isn't helping the situation.  I am trying to teach her to stop pulling towards stuff like other dogs and people walking across the street.  

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I like the Biothane leashes.  You can order them in any length and clasp.  The Police Dog Lead is my fav, you can attach it to your chair if you go to lunch with them.  You can also make it three different lengths depending on your needs.


I don't think I'd order from that site since the shipping is a bit ridiculous to Canada ($14... almost the cost of the leash) but I didn't even know biothane was a leash material :)

Google biothane, I am sure there must be something near you with better shipping!  I forgot you were in Canada.  Just checked Amazon and they have choices for these there too :)

Yeah I found a few on Amazon for about $25-30 each.  Not much selection though so I might check the local stores first.

I like this leash along with a harness

Do you have a big dog? Riley is ridiculously strong...I call her "horsey" sometimes lol.  

I think a harness might give her even more pulling power.  I've thought about those round leashes too, bit worried about rope burn though.

Cannoli's about 30 pounds.  I use this harness

I like that it has a ring on both the front and back so I can clip the lease on the front when he's pulling which turns him towards me.


Lupine makes great leashes with matching collars and harnesses. Leashes have a padded handle which is extremely comfortable. They also have a guarantee, they will replace if chewed. I have used them for many years and they never wear out. I replace them because I get tired of them. Many vet hospitals have them. They also have a website.

I've heard of those; my local pet shop used to sell them but stopped.  I'll have to have a look at their website :)

I just got a 10 foot biothane leash for our scent work class. They scent outside in the rain sometimes, and it's nice because you can just wipe it off. Some people call it synthetic leather. But I have to say, my all time favorite leash is leather. It really softens up with use, but still has a good grip. I like, but amazon has a good selection too. Actually my jjdog leash was purchased from amazon.

I've seen a few jjdog ones on Amazon as well.  DH sometimes does walk Riley in the rain though she doesn't tend to pull much when we are walking solo so he could just use the nylon one for rainy days. 

Was looking at this one, has good reviews (not jjdog)



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