leg surgery

hello! we noticed a sudden limping to my 7 year old dog and when we brought him to the vet they said that he had a ruptured ligament on his left back leg :( he needs to undergo a surgery. it is our first time do you guys know wnything we can do to help our dog? thanks!!

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  • Your surgeon will give you all the information you need about post-surgical care, and rehab afterwards. Many DK doodles have undergone knee surgery, and all have done well. Is it the ACL? 

    • yes

  • I've been through knee surgery twice with my Springer Spaniel and hip replacement with my doodle. My advice is to follow the rehab EXACTLY. Do not let the dog jump etc too soon. We were able to set up an ex-pen area to keep them from moving around too much but still with us. 
    My rehab advice for when they get near the end is to have them walk on and off the curb so they have to use that leg. You need to do it with both sides getting the step up, step down (so you'll be in the street half the time).  Once they are allowed a bit more movement, we leashed them to our chair (or just held it), then when they could be in a room, we blocked seating so they couldn't jump up on furniture. 

    • thank you! my dog is in his 2nd day of post surgery and we are currtntly using a cone. what product do you use to heal the wound faster? im thinking of switiching to a sleeve that i've found online here. have you tried using this before? thanks!

      Lick Sleeve
      The Lick Sleeve is a sleeve that shields your dog’s injured hind leg from destructive licking and scratching, and debris such as dirt and mud. It’s a…
      • We didn't need anything with our Springer. He just left it alone. 
        With Charlie, we pre-tried a bunch of things and found he was able to circumvent everything except the traditional cone. We ordered that Surgical sleeve but it didn't come in time for him to use and because it was the vender's fault, they let us keep it and pass it on. I'm checking with the person we gave it to to see if it was successful. What we did was only put the cone on when we couldn't keep our eyes on Charlie- so pretty much only night time and even then, I slept (sorta) downstairs on the couch and kept checking. Once his stitches were out, the wound didn't seem to bother him at all. 

        • My friend said the surgi sleeve didn't last a day as her dog chewed the straps off. They went to the store and bought toddler sweat pants and cut off most of one leg. Obviously this has to be taken off to potty. 

  • Ivy is 2 weeks post op.  I bought children's sweat pants from Old Navy and made her pants because I've went through this twice with Oliver, I knew the cone was not a good option.  I used the full pants when I was not able to watch her and the leg sleeve when I was able to watch her.  For us, this was a much better option than the cone of shame!!! Best of luck for a speedy recovery!!9936345874?profile=RESIZE_930x9936351456?profile=RESIZE_930x9936355864?profile=RESIZE_930x

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