Hi everyone,

I know there was a recent discussion about the vaccine itself.  We have opted to get Nala this shot due to where we live, but I am wondering if anyone ever asked for the vet to titer their dog to see if there are antibodies present.

She has gotten this vaccine every year, she is going to be 6 years old.  She always has presented with itching, scratching, biting her legs shortly after this vaccine. It is always during March we go to the vet for her to get this vaccine. We always wondered if it was seasonal allergies or a reaction to the vaccine.  Maybe it is a bit of both.... But this year we are late, and no itching, biting...She has her checkup at the end of April and I was wondering if it would be fair to ask for a titer for this one.

Is this a vaccine that makes sense to titer for?  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Christine & Miss Nala

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  • I may be wrong, but I don't think you can titer for lepto. The vaccine only gives short term immunity, unlike vaccines for distemper or parvo. If the lepto vaccine gave longer immunity, you wouldn;t have to give it every year. 

  • Yes, my guess appears to have been right, according to this article: 
    AAHA vaccine guidelines say that titer testing is an appropriate way to check for immunity to parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus. However, it is not recommended for canine leptospirosis, bordetella or Lyme disease, because these vaccines only provide short-term protection.

    • Thanks so much Karen!  You have always helped me so much in the past. That is what I thought, but was hoping I was wrong.  She has not scratched or itched once this year, which has never happened before and unfortunately the timing of the shot always coincides with the spring allergy season. She is going for her checkup this Thursday.

      I am going to try to attach a picture of Nala. She will be 6 at the end of summer.  She is an absolute angel and a blessing for our family.

      Here is a winter picture of her....


      • Her sweetness shows in her face. <3
        I'd suggest that the lepto vaccine be given apart from any other vaccines, even if that means you have to make two visits. And actually, it might be three visits, because you want the lepto vaccine that is given in two shots 3-4 weeks apart. 

        • Karen can you share what you know about side effects of the Lepto vaccine? Cooper just had his and he was down, lethargic and low appetite for about 3 days. He also had Bordetella same day but I don't think that could have been it. 

          • That's a classic lepto vaccine reaction. According to the literature: "Reactions to the leptospirosis vaccine usually take the form of lethargy for a few days and possibly loss of appetite."
            Less common reactions can include vomiting, diarrhea, and even rarer are symptoms resembling anaphylactic shock. Some soreness or swelling around the injection site is also common.
            And I doubt bordetella would have caused any of that. As sensitive to everything as Jackdoodle was, he never had any kind of reaction to the intranasal bordetella vaccine. 

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