I love this guy so much!! Being his doggie owner has been such a joy. Coat wise.... Definitely didn't turn out to be the "doodle" I expected but I've grown to find his look so goofy and charming. He has an old man soul in a puppy body lol. Every week is a surprise as his coat changes constantly which has made this journey so fun!

Anyone have a doodle that looks similar? Share your pictures, I would love to see! 



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  • Your doodle definitely has furnishings, though they are pretty "light" and scruffy.  Adorable!

    This was our first doodle, Luna, who was completely unfurnished/flat coated.  She was an F1 mini goldendoodle. 


  • The late, great Jackdoodle. 


  • This is Boca, first generation labradoodle (one parent a poodle, the other a lab). 
    She's a senior presently...she's 10-11 y.o. in these photos




    In the photo below, her body is trimmed shorter than her legs.  Her hair gets silvery as it grows.  Stays black at the roots.  

    AS A PUPPY below...


  • Clancy was adopted at about two years old, but I imagine he looked much like yours when he was younger except he has a bit more fur on his legs. He sheds. 9452482696?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • This is my Gracie Mae.  She's 7 years old and the sweetest girl ever. I had expected a curly haired, non shedding puppy, and instead, we got our Gracella.  

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