I love this guy so much!! Being his doggie owner has been such a joy. Coat wise.... Definitely didn't turn out to be the "doodle" I expected but I've grown to find his look so goofy and charming. He has an old man soul in a puppy body lol. Every week is a surprise as his coat changes constantly which has made this journey so fun!

Anyone have a doodle that looks similar? Share your pictures, I would love to see! 



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    This is Meg, she has that same wave down her back (she is a super shedder), when she was still a pup she had curls between her eyes but they are gone, her ears don't have quite as much fluff as your guy, but she has a magnificent beard.9928171498?profile=RESIZE_930x


  •  And here Zuko is at 1 year old. Can't believe how quickly his coat changes! 10390342864?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • My is flat coat with no furnishings - at least I believe so. He's definitely more retriever than poodle and weight about 75lbs. My husband said I tricked him on the hypoallergenic talk but I told him - hey ! Can't predict genetics lol. Here's our 1 year old Teddy. Doubt he'll get any more waves or curls. However he's the best little guy that joined our family. His older sister Sammie was not too welcoming in the beginning 😂 10486347872?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • You're correct, Teddy has no furnishings. 
      Actually, you can predict genetics...but only with purebreds, lol. 

  • 10750599656?profile=RESIZE_930x10750600055?profile=RESIZE_930x This is Murphy as a pup and now almost 4 months old. Not sure what his adult coat will look like.

  • Haley (R.I.P)3363668961?profile=RESIZE_1200x&width=1000

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