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Let's Play Another Round of Snap, Caption, and Post! Coming to you from Doris and Knox!

Nearly six weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be selected by Cheryl and Finnegan as the winner of  Round 16 of the Snap, Caption, and Post contest and I won the opportunity to receive the infamous "I Love Intercourse, PA" t-shirt. Being from Texas, most of y'all have figured out that I am a deep-rooted Southern Belle and Laurie -- y'all know which one -- had just weeks earlier posted a picture of me in my formal wear on the Doodle Cruise.  In case you have forgotten or weren't part of this DK madness yet, here is what she so kindly posted:

Part of my delay in doing this post is that this particular dress has been at the cleaners for an upcoming event, but I finally decided, what the heck, there's no need to be formal around here! It's DK, after all!  Luckily my friend Lisa was in town and I had her take these pics on a beautiful afternoon in my normal every day clothes, except for the t-shirt, of course:


Knox wanted his turn in the shirt and since y'all know I've never told my sweet boy "NO", I sure wasn't going to start now and deprive him of this simple pleasure.  So...we did a quick switch-er-roo:

I'm sure y'all are thinking that I must be a bit "over the top" to have a shirt with my doodle's name on it, but I want you to know that it's a liberal arts (I think) college somewhere in Indiana and I'm it's BIGGEST FAN!  Knox is trying to tell y'all not to listen to that bunch of garbage, but I promise I have never lied to y'all...yet.

SO:   NOW FOR THE CONTEST PART OF THIS!  This is the pic that I would like to be captioned.

I'm going to be in and out for the next few days, so let's set the contest to end at NOON (Central time) on Saturday, December 8th!  That is the same day the Heisman Trophy winner is announced and we can all celebrate THIS winner and Texas A&M's JOHNNY "FOOTBALL" MANZIEL.  Didn't know that Southern Belles like football, did ya??


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BB, THAT IS FUNNY!!!!  I like it -- ALOT!!

Love it!

LOL That's great! The B's are on a roll! Twinkies! Who would have thought??

Love your pictures, Doris!  Very Southern :-)

Thanks, Linda!

Knox is exhibiting all the signs of Reefer Madness!

Hahaha! He can be MAD (crazy) for sure!!

LOL That's clever Laurie! Reefer Madness!

I just returned to this discussion and the advertisement that I see is from RUCHE -- a vintage-inspired bridal dress company! Does anyone need or want one?? I didn't think so...

OK--I shouldn't do this--but one more caption came into my head--and I don't think Laurie is going to like it--sorry in advance Laurie!

Oy,where am I?  The last thing I remember is my buddy Fudge picking up that grenade off the beach!

Ginny, I am a day late reading this one about my sweet, innocent Fudge :) She never causes trouble..wink, wink!

LOL Poor Knox...didn't know what hit him :)

Great captions, everyone! And great photos, Doris.



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