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How long should you expect your puppy to be tired and kind of lethargic after getting shots?

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You have been so incredibly helpful to so many of us, I don't know what I would have done without your knowledge and advice over the last 18 months! Thanks always!

You can thank JD for that, Dolly. It's his legacy. :) 

Karen, I was considering that vaccination as it is designed to protect against water-borne illnessess, right ?

I'm not concerned with still water on hikes or the like, but Teddy shares water from other dogs at the dog park, even when I bring him his own bottle dispenser.  So I thought it couldn't hurt.

Agree ?

If you mean the lepto vaccine, it protects against a deadly disease called leptospirosis. Leptospirosis can be transmitted through water, but not water that you got from a tap or bottles, even if other dogs drink from it, unless those dogs are already infected. 
Here's some info:

Common risk factors for leptospirosis in dogs residing in the United States include exposure to or drinking from rivers, lakes or streams; roaming on rural properties (because of exposure to potentially infected wildlife, farm animals, or water sources); exposure to wild animal or farm animal species, even if in the backyard; and contact with rodents or other dogs.

Dogs can become infected and develop leptospirosis if their mucous membranes (or skin with any wound, such as a cut or scrape) come into contact with infected urine, urine-contaminated soil, water, food or bedding; through a bite from an infected animal; by eating infected tissues or carcasses; and rarely, through breeding. It can also be passed through the placenta from the mother dog to the puppies.

Thanks Karen.....I checked the old email, and it did mention still water, ponds, etc.  I just remembered "water" and thought sharing bowls with other dogs (even though every dog at the park I go to is supposed to be vaccinated) was what that shot would minimize.

Thanks !!!!!!! 

Riley was super sleepy and whiny after her 10-week shots.  Her hip was extremely tender and she cried LOUDLY anytime we picked her up.  She was fine in the morning :)


First off your pup is adorable!  Congratulations :)

Secondly, how lucky are we to have Karen on this board.  She is just an amazing wealth of information...all correct! Lol, and I am so thankful to have her here.  She has helped me many times.  Karen, Jasper is just beautiful btw!

I second not having all the shots given at one time.  Our vet actually insists on doing it that way, which I like.  

My sister’s dog goes to a great vet, but he gives so many shots at once.  And the dog is clearly sluggish and not herself afterwards.

Best of luck to you and hoping your pup is feeling back to normal!
Christine & Miss Nala 

Thank you, Christine. 

We always break the shots up into separate visits, usually about 3 -4 weeks apart. Toby does not get lepto as he is a seizure dog, and the last few years he got it, he had multiple seizures within a week of getting the lepto. I am not saying lepto causes seizures, just that it triggered cluster seizures in Toby. Since we removed the lepto, he has done fine with all the other vaccines. It seems like Lepto is the shot most likely to cause reactions.  I hope your pup feels better soon.

Teddy is 13 pounds and sometimes the vaccinations are the same volume regardless of the size of the dog. Take that into consideration.

The lyme vaccination he got was supposed to be easy for the 1st shot, but the 2nd was supposed to be difficult, according to his vet.  Instead, the 1st shot really had him out-of-it; I almost took him to the nighttime emergency vet.  He was lethargic and I was afraid he was going into a coma or worse.  About 5-6 hours after the shot was the worst.

About 8-10 hours later (11 PM or so), he started to perk up.  By next day, he was fine.

The difficult 2nd shot ?  Piece of cake.

Go figure.......



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