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Darwin can be seen here, his favorite spot, most of the day.


Does your doodle have a favorite place to sleep? A favorite position? Post pictures of your lazy doodles!

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Ollie loves to be cuddled on the couch he thinks he's a little lap dog

Ragley is not even 7 months old yet, but I already have a serious couch potato on my hands!

My Buddy is usually much more refined than this photo would have you believe. ;-)

Adorable! Beautiful boy

Thanks! He normally just takes a nap and squeaks a little, but I guess the drool monster entered his dreams that day.
My lily tends to sleep in very weird positions

Charlie sleeps like this anywhere, anytime, Ned sleeps on his back at night but snuggles down during the day.  Clancy rarely sleeps totally on his back but LOVES to snuggle in the pillows.

Wow, how funny that this 7 year old discussion has suddenly come back to life! 

Yup!   And whole new generations of couch potatoes to enjoy!

Zofi chillin in her favorite spot, the couch.

Zofi looks pretty comfortable!



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