Lets talk hair and shedding

Trying to decide on what mix of Goldendoodle we would like.  Can you give me an idea how much hair your doodle sheds and if you have F1 or F1B? Does it shed when you pet it, only with brushing, or not at all. I know the genetics factor may make it difficult to predict. We haven't been around a lot of Goldendoodles, so can't really base off of experience. 

Our previous cavapoo only shed a tiny bit of hair with brushing, but had much more curly poodle like hair. We are leaning toward a slightly wavy coat type if we can find one, rather than such a poodle curly type. However, would prefer to not have hair shedding out with petting. I don't mind it with grooming. Is that realistic?

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  • In general, the curlier the coat, the higher the chance that the dog will not shed. An F1B (goldendoodle bred back to a Poodle) is your best chance of getting a doodle who is low to non-shedding. A "slightly wavy" coat will most likely shed more than you want. You also want to make sure that the dog has "furnishings", which is the long hair around the eyes and muzzle; open-faced doodles (those without furnishings) are almost always shedders. 

    I have a labradoodle who sheds heavily year round. If he moves, he sheds. He has a shaggy coat and is an F1 (50-50 mix). 

    • Ok good to know. I guess I was really curious if the shaggy coats shed more like a regular shedding dog. Meaning it will be on my furniture and clothes. We already have a nice shedding cat. It was nice to have a low shed dog before but the curly poodle hair was hard to keep free of mats. 

  • What a cute dog!

  • 3367011631?profile=originalThese are our girls.  Both are F1's and have very different coats.  Lucy, the black (I call it pewter) colored one has more curl but not curl like a poodle curl.  She is very soft to the touch and she doesn't shed except when you brush her it comes out in the brush.  You will every once in a while find a tuft of hair on the floor or some black hairs in a dust bunny when you run the vacuum.  AnnaBelle, while she doesn't shed like a golden retriever, if you are wearing black pants, some of AnnaBelle is going to tag along with you.  However, it really isn't unmanageable.  The longer she is the more you will notice it.  She also comes out in the brush.

    • Both are have beautiful coats!

    • I love the pewter color coat. They both look like they have nice coats. 

  • Picco is a multigen Goldendoodle but his grandfather was pure poodle.  Wavy-curly coat. No shedding at all!

  • I have an F1 that is a mild shedder, he has a shaggy coat and is so easy to look after. I can get away with brushing him once every couple of weeks. His coat is like a shaggy lab and he dries out instantly after he has been swimming. My other doodle is a multi-gen with a curly poodle non-shedding coat. His coat is a lot of work, it matts easily, things stick to it and he collects snowballs in the winter, he also takes hours to dry. I keep his coat pretty short to keep it manageable and he need to be clipped every four to six weeks. After having one of each coat type, in the future I'd go with the shedding dog any day. I'd much rather vacuum more fogne than have to deal with the non-shedding coat!
    • Ha ha!  That's something you don't ever hear!  My husband complained about dog hair when I had my husky mix and the only way I could get another dog is to find a non-shedder!   I guess I'd rather put up with the coat care than hear my husbands constant nagging about hair!

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