• My DH ref's soccer so last night when he came home Wilson was licking his arm he loves that salty taste I will have to try to snap a picture maybe tonight after he refs.
  • Yechhhh! No more of these please! LOL. Sorry Beth but that makes me feel ill. (I dont like feet)
    • ok sorry about that. I just thought it was cute
  • That's so sweet. My Lily likes to lick too but I keep her away from my feet, TOO ticklish!!!!!


    At least that's what I tell people that walk into the gallery with flip-flops or exposed toes.
    My Mija doodle has a foot fetish as well!!

    THANKS for sharing!
  • my Neely has a foot and shoe thing too. One of the first things he did when he got here was take a pair of shoes from the front door and take them to our older dogs bed for a present.
    He loves to sniff people's feet and shoes and any open toes he has to lick. I like it except for the odd little nibble of excitement. Some people aren't as understanding of the doodle pedicure. I tell them it is much more polite meeting you that way instead of smelling your butt like dogs normally do.
    He also loves to lick this thick creme that I use for my feet. I found that out one night while rubbing it on while Neely was laying up in bed with me and he went crazy to get a taste. It is not a perfumed, but more a base creme used for ointments to be put into. I use it on his paws too now so he gets the pads protected and he also gets to eat his own cream and leave mine on my feet. If I can't keep him occupied I dab some on his nose to keep him busy.
    It is a lanolin base naturel no chemical perfumes or colours. Like licking a sheep!
    • Lorraine! Please stop! LOL! I am foot squeamish! I feel ill after that lovely graphic description!
    • i know what nibbles your talking about tilly does them
  • Ya I read the label again tonight after my doodle foot do apparently they forgot to print TESTED ON ANIMALS particularily peculiar doodles!
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